Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Snack On The Go - GoGo SqueeZ

Legend has it, that in the 19th century, a very loving grandfather was determined to craft a special snack for his grandson. Using delicious apples from his backyard orchard in the Val De Loire region of France, near the Chateau Chambord, Monsieur Materne created a delicious and simple applesauce, the Materne Company was born in what would become the most popular applesauce company in France.

Today, Materne still uses apples from the same region to offer kids and adults alike the yummy and nutritious treat of premium, all natural applesauce. But now, it is also available in a resealable, squeezable pouch for a naturally delicious snack on the go. And it's the perfect size for "little" hands.

New 100 Percent Fruit, No Added Sugar Range, and More than 1 Billion Sold in Europe
NEW YORK –– Parents sifting through healthy snacking options for their children need look no further. GoGo squeeZ is the first squeezable, re-sealable, no-mess applesauce for kids. An engaging, convenient pouch design and delicious all natural fruit flavors are enough for kids to bypass the fight and go straight to the healthy snacking.
Packaged in a squeezable pouch and equipped with a re-sealable lid, GoGo squeeZ is perfect for kids on-the-go. Originally designed for NASA astronauts, each all-natural pouch contains a full serving of fruit – just simple, clean ingredients. GoGo squeeZ is the perfect snack for kids of any age.
“Children are interested in flavor and a fun design – but we know parents are looking for a snack of more substance they can be sure their kids will eat when on-the-go,” said David Istier, Materne’s North American VP of Marketing. “GoGo squeeZ comes in a fun package, is simple for kids to use independently, and actually tastes good. Parents can enjoy the benefits of providing their children with a no-mess, no-fight, healthy snack option.

GoGo SqueeZ is awesome. I was sent a box of regular applesauce and one of each of the flavored kind on Saturday. They were awesome.

They come in: Regular, peach, strawberry, banana and Cinnamon and none of them were a let down. There is no sugar added, no spoon needed. Simply unscrew the cap and sip away. It is like sucking delicious applesauce up with a straw. Love it! It is so good you feel like you are eating a treat rather than something that is good for you.

These GoGo SqueeZ are great for snacking on the go, lunch boxes or wherever. We took them to the park over the weekend and today I brought two to the beach with me. I asked the lifeguard if he wanted to try one and he said, "these are applesauce? In here?" I told him yes, "unscrew and squeeze." He loved it! He said he would definitely buy and that it was a perfect snack for his lunch box on the beach. He asked for the website which I was happy to give him and now I will give it to you.



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