Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Thursday Memes are All Photos.

The Thursday Challenge this week is Summer! My son and husband enjoying the beach says summer to me. This is one of my all time favorite pictures.

This weeks Thematic Photographic takes to the sky. Carmi asked for "Aviation" pictures. I don't have many but this is a photo I took last year at a local airport. The plane is grounded and serves as part of the airports restaurant.
Cheaper Than Therapy
I love this shot of my daughter and my niece. My niece has always had a very special place in my heart. I have five nieces and they all are special but Sammy has always been like my daughter. Watching my daughter love her makes my heart smile. They only see each other about 3 times a year but Goddess adores her.

This squirrel had no fear. He came on our picnic table at least 20 times in the hour we were at the park. He must be used to people feeding him table food.


  1. The aviation picture of the WWII plane and its radial engine and prop is great! Not that a warbird is romantic, but the shape and speed of the old cannot compare with an efficient ant fast jet from today. Bit the classic shape of the old is so nice in sepia!

  2. Wonderful pics!
    Hubby is pretty strong to be able to hold up your son staight up like that. :)
    Your aviation pic is very nice. Love the tone and the angle and those skies.
    Great squirrel shot - I like it in sepia.

  3. Your plane photo has such an incredible romance to it. It took me back to the early days of aviation - remarkable given how I wasn't around then :)

    And the beach shot? Priceless. You have such an eye for spiritual detail. Definitely a gift.

  4. Thta first photo of hubby and son spells complete summer happiness! No wonder you treasure it! And love that cheeky little squirrel in sepia!

  5. Maria..
    The aviation shot is stunning and the the beach.. Wow!!!

    Like Carmi said - you have an eye for spiritual detail. A great gift!

    Have lovley day! :)

  6. Great shots - lots of love, humor and romance shows in your family.

  7. great series of shots

    I love the shot father and son, and shark ;)

  8. I love your shot of the plane prop - and I agree with Carmi - when I saw it my first thought was Casablanca! I don't know WHY - it just struck that chord! But honestly -- I think the SUMMER photo you used above would have been a delightful aviation shot! What could be better than flying a shark!? I mean really?

    I have a sepia scene over on my place today too -- it's the post below my TP56 though. I forgot about TP today... so I did a 2nd post. Love your little squirrel - they are sO cute! I watch their antics in my yard all day long!

  9. Really nice sepia pictures the one with the plane is very very nice.


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