Thursday, July 23, 2009

Goddess Can Be So Deep Sometimes

My kids say such sweet things sometimes that I want so badly to remember every single one. Thank goodness for the blog. I love reading back at the things they say to me that I had forgotten.

Monday while driving to my son's swimming class she said, "Mommy, I wish I could fly up to the sky. If I could fly up to the sky, I would dance on a cloud and hug the sun." I totally started tearing up. This kid just makes me so happy sometimes.

Today while putting on her new blue hand-me-down dress from her friend she said, "I'm pretty, I'm really pretty and this is my horse and she can fly and together we fly all over the sky." As someone who never felt pretty as a little girl I am so thankful that she feels this way about herself. I think it has more to do with her imagination and the Barbie Pegasus movie. She thinks Barbie is really pretty.

This weekend at the beach Goddess found a ladybug. She showed her father and I about 5 times each. She begged her brother to come out of the water so she could show him. She carried it around for about an hour dying to show someone. At one point she walked over to some little boy and showed him. When her brother finally got out of the water she met him at the waters edge and said, "Look it's a lady....." then "" When I asked what happened she said, that he slapped the bug out of her hand. She was devastated. My son wasn't impressed and slapped her hand from the bottom sending the bug into the water. We never found it and I explained to her that it was probably fine and that the bug fly away but she was devastated and felt responsible. Poor sweetie. Early lesson on how the male race just don't get it sometimes.

I heard her telling her girlfriend yesterday. "No, I can't dance because my mommy will laugh at me." This just breaks my heart because she actually does think that when people laugh at things she says or does that they are laughing at her. It is totally false. We laugh because 1) she is funny 2) she is so deep and it shocks us 3) because she amazes us 4) because she is adorable. This has been explained to her a million times and not just by me. I am just afraid that she will end up with a complex but I don't know how to explain it to a 4 year old. "No one is laughing baby girl, you just astonish us with your wit."

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  1. She is a beautiful little girl and so thoughtful.... you must have instilled such a love of life and all things living into her. I can see it in the photos of her when she looks at flowers or at you.


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