Saturday, July 04, 2009


1. Did you ever have someone just make your day. I was informed the other day that I would have been chosen as someones sponsor for their confirmation. I was surprised but oh so moved. I was told it is because they noticed what a good mom I am, a kind person, how I "really see and pay attention to" my kids, how I never talk down to them and how they know I would have been there for them throughout their life. It made me cry to know that someone, a child thought this of me. Who wouldn't want to hear such things about themselves?

2. We received a hand me down swing sets (one of those old rusty kind) from someone on our street whose children have outgrown it. You would think my kids were given a pony. My daughter spent the first 5 minutes running around the yard screaming, "I'm so happy!"

3. My 6 year old started his swim class on Monday. It's awesome. He gets to swim for 45 minutes two times a week. At the end of the second class the Frogs are asked if they would like to jump off the diving board into the deep end. My son with no fear (exactly the reason he is in the class) was right there on line. Shaking with his purple lips waiting his turn to jump. It was his first time and although there is an instructor waiting to catch them when the land it made me so nervous. I really wish his father was there to see him.

4. I sold my first piece of jewelry. It happened over 4 weeks ago but it was such a good feeling. She said, "are you selling jewelry?" I told her I was making it. She took a pair and said, she had to have it, put it in her ears and asked how much? I told her that I hadn't priced them but would be happy to have her wear them, no cost. She insisted and threw two 5's at me telling me to put one in each of my kids banks. I did and the kids and I are so grateful. Didn't even open my Etsy shop and already I sold a pair of earrings. Hooray, I'm doing the happy dance as I type this.

5. This week I was approached by a sponsor who would like to use my pictures. I have taken pictures for as long as I could hold a camera. I got my first camera at 7 years old and haven't stopped taking pictures since. They won't be able to pay (they are a free site) but I would get credit and eventually some sort of payment. I am still weighing the idea.

6. Worked as a freelance writer for the past two months but unfortunately the company had their outsourcing meeting and decided to close down their freelance writers for now. They are looking for a bigger contract and I can only hope something comes up.

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  1. Anonymous9:31 PM

    I am so happy for you and the kids. On #1 - 5.
    It must have felt great to be chosen as a sponser and as well to have sold a piece of jewelry.



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