Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday Meme Madness

Join Monochrome Weekly Theme here. This week I have the steps that lead to the lake where we feed the ducks. I love that tall grass that surrounds the steps. It always makes for a nice picture.

Blue Monday this week is a pair of earrings I made. My Etsy shop will be unveiled on August 13th. These will be for sale then. Like them? They are one of my favorites. I love blue and silver.

Mellow Yellow Monday is, of a butterfly down by the lake. This shows just how badly I need a really good macro. I wish it weren't so blurry. I think it mostly is because I seriously couldn't see, it was so sunny and my contacts kept blurring up. Yeah excuses and regrets are the sign of a loser but it's the truth! Swear.

For Today...

Outside my window... a darkening sky bringing on the stars

I am thinking... how nice it is to sit on the deck with the husband listening to music as we both work on our laptops. Kids are sleeping and the coffee tastes awesome.

From the learning rooms... Life and how there are friends who will let you down.

I am thankful for... the gazebo we are sitting in that keeps the annoying bugs away so we can enjoy the moment.

From the kitchen... not a blessed thing was cooked in it today. Ate on the go and loads of yogurt for the kids.

I am wearing... black yoga pants and a tight green t-shirt with save the earth symbols all over it.

I am reading... Umm..what the heck is that book called? Yikes! I just started it but don't feel like running inside to get it. Review coming, it is really good.

I am hoping... that the kids stay down for the night and to start reading by 9:00

I am creating... loads of jewelry to start selling in August
I am praying... for more of the same beautiful weather we have been getting. Love it!

Around the house... laundry in need of washing and a bedroom in need of dusting but life is too exciting to stop right now.

One of my favorite things... good music, good coffee and the silence of the house at this very moment.

A few plans for the rest of the week... swim, summer school, library trips, beach excursion and more supplies on the jewelry front.

Here is a picture I would like to share with you...


  1. Great collection of memes. :-)

    I love the yellow butterfly ...I've been trying to snap one for awhile. darn things won't sit still...

    I know what you mean by a decent macro !! i want one too !!

  2. It keep us so very busy:).
    Nice post!

    Have a great week.

  3. Those earrings are sooo pretty, just my style. The blue would go so perfect with my coloring and my eyes... can't wait for your shop to open!!
    Love, love that last picture of your daughter...showcases your talent so much!!
    Keep on snapping.

  4. Anonymous12:34 AM

    Your picture is very good and deserves to be seen - I will try and put on the Linky myself.
    We have had trouble with Broadband.

  5. Smiling Sally, Happy Blue Mon to you too!

    Karen, Seriously! You just can't capture the detail they way you want to.

    Regina, Thank you very much for stopping by.

    B&L, Thanks for all your kind words! I am excited to open my etsy shop by a little nervous of the whole crash and burn thing. Have to take a chance though. Glad you like them.

    My daughter, is the easiest person to take a photo of. She doesn't take a bad one so it really isn't fair to call myself good when my muse is so amazing.

  6. Aileni,

    If you could add it, that would be awesome.


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