Tuesday, July 07, 2009

ABC Wednesday "Y"

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I was searching through my photos for about 10 minutes wondering what I could use to depict "Y" this round. Yellow? Yawn? The one that kept springing up at me was "Young Women," "Young," and "Youth".

So, here is my "Y".

Seeing my niece last week was crazy. She is 13 and has grown so much. When I see her, I just want to shout, "You are So Grown" but refrain for fear I will sound like Britney Spears. Yo, gurrrrllll, you so grown!

Anyway, Sam is the sweetest kid. She is entering that awkward stage where her friends are much more important than family but she still tries. She is all about appearances and wants to keep up with the Jones' which is something I worry about for her in the future. I want her to just be happy! Love what you have and don't long or wish for things that in the long run won't matter and don't add to your life.

I have always loved taking pictures of her and told her if I ever had a daughter I would want her to be like her. My daughter is very much like her.

She feels deeply, loves clothes, is sweet and loving, loves to play with her dolls, loves to sing, act and make faces and is sensitive.

I love this photo! The original of course is quite clearer. This was cropped closely to take out all the surroundings. She looks like a teenager here.

Seeing Sam and my daughter makes my heart swell. Goddess loves her and is constantly placing her little hand on Sam's face when they hug. Cuuuutee!

I think this is my favorite picture. She looks like she is having fun!

This was too much of a pose for me. I felt like her told her to stop posing at least 5 times. I love candid shots and she sees a camera and smiles and poses.

She is wearing my hat and I had to run over to grab this shot knowing this could one day be a blackmail picture that could come back and haunt her one day.


  1. Fun shots and a great tribute to your niece. She's darling and I can tell you love her.

  2. Yes, these are lovely shots.

  3. Beautiful post. SHE IS beautuful!


  4. She is gorgeous! She's going to be a heartbreaker!

  5. She is very lovely!
    It is wonderful being a part of their lives.
    You must be a wonderful aunt.

  6. Anonymous9:52 PM

    You see mark this one on the record. I learning to comment on your blog. All kidding aside though, your niece is very beautiful and she is the perfect picture of young. If only we would realize and appreciate being young before it disappears. As a consolation though, we do always have the ability to be young at heart.

  7. She's a beautiful young woman. I remember that stage, caught in that stage between being a "grown-up" and a little girl. It is really rough, but you caught her in some really great moments. I love the pics with your daughter.

  8. Beautiful candid portraits! Yes, a perfect 'Y', too!


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