Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sepia Scenes and A 1,000 Word Thursday

My Sepia Scenes entry this week is my husband and my son at the beach last weekend. Taking photos of them playing in the water is one of my favorite parts of the summer.

Trying to capture their moments together in the water every year is a mission. I am not sure how much longer my husband will be able to throw the kid in the air. He is 4 feet tall at 6 years old.


  1. So happy. Those two will be going at it for years to come. They'll just alter the came and adjust for size. Wonderful.

  2. As usual, you are amazing.... I have a terrific shot of a daisy, I'm gonna try sepia on that one, wish me luck. URGH, I hope it works, I don't usually have success, but you inspire me.


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