Sunday, July 19, 2009

Monochrome Monday - The Sand Pit

Here is my baby boy playing in the sand box. Is it the black and white that makes him look so lonely and silent? I believe so, it was a glorious summer day and there was tons of noise all around us. He was up 2 seconds later, running toward the swing set yet in this one moment in time he just looks sad.


  1. Sad?? I cant see that :-)) just a focused jung pretty boy.

    Nice shoos also.

  2. He looks very content! The b&W makes it look very silent.But very nice capture.

  3. Anonymous4:23 AM


  4. I am like you. I do see him looking a bit lonely. It depends how you read into it though. He also looks like he is really paying attention to what he is doing. Yes, because it is black and white it does make it look a little more sad looking and the fact that there is no one there is also not helpful in the lonely department. But if anyone knows your son they know that he goes off and plays by himself often and seems content doing it.

  5. Beautiful... love the shoes.

    Working on my monochrome, too. Nothing good enough to post, but I'm getting a little better!!

  6. You could never be sad wearing those shoes! He is absorbed in his task, I think.


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