Sunday, July 19, 2009

Saturday 9: Heatwave

1. It’s July. How has the weather been where you are? For me, beautiful!! I love the fact that it hasn't been 109 degrees in the sun. It hasn't gone above 85 this season and that is ok with me.

2. What is the best way for you to beat the heat? I hate the heat! Well, before kids, I would stay locked indoors in one room because we had one air conditioner. Now that I have central air I head down to the lake and let the kids swim. Go figure. Where was central air before the kids? I would sweat my ass off playing SIMS into the wee hours of the morning because I didn't have a laptop to take into the bedroom where the air was. Thank goodness those days are over.

3. “It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity.” Do you buy that? I don't give a crap what it is...did I mention I hate the friggin heat. No seriously, I would rather be cold and have to wear a sweater or two. I don't do heat well!

4. Do you like hot tubs or saunas? I love hot tubs but only if there is a pool near by that I can cool down in. In the gym, the pool was right next to the hot tub so you could literally dive right into it from the hot tub or do the seal flop which is what I usually did. That means you hardly even get out of the sauna. You lay your body out as far as you can and slip into the icy coolness of the pool. Ahhh. As for the sauna, no thanks. I can't breathe very well in there and since I don't sweat it is toxic to me. My body doesn't have its own, natural cooling system hence the hating on the heat.

5. What’s the hottest you’ve ever been? Well, you see back in 1993 I was hot! Yeah baby! You know, size 3, bartending in a go-go bar, getting tons of dates...what...oh...not that kind of hot? Well, you didn't explain yourself. Uh....ahhh....*throat clearing* The hottest I've ever been? Oh hell, I don't know, 104.3?

6. How many times do you hit the beach in the summer? We head down to the lake about 3 to 4 times a week depending on the weather.

7. When you were a kid, what did you do in the summer? Like every kid I bitched about having nothing to do. Mostly I rode my bike, played Man Hunt with my friends, explored our quiet neighborhood and slept over my friends house a lot.

8. Surfing. Have you ever gotten on a surfboard? Body surf? I can barely walk steady without being on a board with a very, fast, deadly wave approaching. No and No! Wait, what the hell is body surfing? I have stood on a back or two of a boyfriend who wanted me to walk on their back. Is that what you mean?

9. What’s your favorite summer song? Boys of Summer by Don Henley!!!!

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  1. Oh, we are just the opposite!! I HATE the cold... I don't mind the heat at all... That's why we moved from New England (Connecticut to be precise) to Florida (right near Disney World). I hate snow, ice, and driving in bad weather.
    I can deal with the heat by fans, swimming and drinking ice water!


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