Sunday, July 19, 2009

New Wii Game Is Great Birthday Party Idea

Looking for something different for your kids birthday? Have I got the game for you! The whole party is wrapped up in this really cool game for the Wii System.

2K Play just came out with a new game exclusively for the Nintendo Wii, Birthday Party Bash, which provides Moms a unique way to throw a memorable party in the comforts of your own home and without paying a fortune.

Birthday Party Bash is a "party-in-a-box" from start to finish and includes 12 ready-to-mail invitations, coupons for party supplies and Duncan Hines, a party-planning guide full of helpful tips and suggestions, and over 20 fun birthday party games, all played on the Wii.

We love reviewing games, especially Wii games! When we received the package we opened before even getting up the stairs. The game, the invitations, the Duncan Hines cake and frosting coupon. Nice! No thinking involved, except you just might forget to send out the invitations. Vital part of the whole party vibe, so don't forget.

The invitations tell everyone to bring their Wii-mote with them which will be necessary because who has 12 remotes?

My son is 6 and we had a family friend over who is 12 and myself well, do you really need to know my age? It's 42.

We all played, and even with the age range it was challenging, fun and we each excelled in different competitions. The competitions include things like Pin The Tail On The Donkey, Birthday Blow Out, Pinata Blast, Potato Sack Race and more. When you first start out, you select a birthday theme. As you play the competitions your party room starts taking shape! My son's preference was the Pirate Room and we still haven't seen all 10 theme rooms because he keeps selecting the same one. Check out some movies of the game here.

After the room is complete all participants Wii people show up in the party room and the Happy Birthday theme plays (my son's favorite part). There is even a banner with the name of the party person in the Wii party room. So cute.

Combining Wii Birthday Party Bash with a good old fashion birthday party will make your kid and their friends very happy. Even the parents can play along!

I highly recommend this game to anyone with a Wii system even if you aren't throwing a party anytime soon.

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