Monday, July 06, 2009

Monochrome Weekly Meme Goes To The Beach

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I actually shot all of these in monochrome with my camera this week instead of changing them in a photo program. What a difference.

The first photo is of the kids sharing their snack with a school friend we ran into at the beach. Providing a snack is the only time you can get my kids to sit down at the beach. They run in and out of the lake with blue lips, shaking, with goosebumps but never want to come out.
I love the water stars in the photo above. This is my neighbor and friend with her son. She is very special and has been there for me whenever I needed a question answered about the medical care of my kids. Having a friend who is a nurse is a great resource. I really respect her because she is doing exactly what I had always wanted to do growing up. I have soft spot for nurses and the care they give. She always has a smile on her face and is fun to be around.
This last picture is of a sand castle that was knighted over by two kids who built it. They never played near it but God forbid you walked over to it. I hear they worked with their dad for over 2 hours to build it. It took up a good portion of our small area and it was hard not knock some over when you walked near it. The turtle is my daughter's however, after rolling over and needing to be fished out by Dad, the Goddess was a little apprehensive about getting back on.


  1. Aileni1:47 AM

    I love that second picture with the light on the water - beautiful.

  2. I love taking monochromatic photos. My Family Room is done in black & white and I have many of my photos framed and hung in that room. I think they look great in there. My favorite is your photo of the kids in the water.


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