Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It's All About The Flower

There is just something about my daughter and flowers. I love watching her turn them over in her hand and inspect everything about them. She is interested in everything. She analyzes things and asks questions trying to figure out how it all works.

I have been trying to teach her to love the flowers without picking them. She loves giving gifts of flowers and is constantly running to me with some little tiny flower she picked.
The newest rule is that we only pick up flowers that have already fallen off and are lying under a plant, bush or tree..but the rule doesn't apply to weed flowers.

I love the color of this one lying against her pants with her little hand holding it and her too long, dirty finger nails. My little girlie tomboy will never be a spot clean girl and I love that about her. She is the girl who loves her dolls and books but also loves to run, climb and kick a soccer ball around.
She is a natural and I love taking pictures of her to capture her facial expressions and total youthful bliss.
Doesn't every girl need a flower behind her ear at least once in her life?


  1. These are awesome pictures! Great photography!

  2. Thanks! She is very easy to take pictures of.

  3. Lauri9:39 PM

    If she was a perfectly clean spotless little girl then she would be boring and bored. The fact that she gets dirty sometimes means that she experiences life and all the things that it and childhood has to offer. I always tell my kids that its ok to get dirty because it means you had fun. what's most important is that she enjoy her childhood no matter what she does or how she does it. We only have one childhood. I know for a fact, I would have turned out much different if I were allowed to do certain things when I was a kid. You are a great mom and you care about her and allow her to get dirty and play. But whenever I see her outside like when you are going someplace she is always clean, well kept and well dressed. OK so I went off on a tangent. Point is she is a beautiful little girl and she will grow up to be a very happy woman.

  4. As usual, gorgeous shots - she is amazing looking, and photograph her so beautifully.
    I love looking at your pictures.


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