Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Girls To The Front by Sara Marcus - Book Review Wednesday


GIRLS TO THE FRONT, the first-ever history of Riot Grrrl, is a lyrical, punk-infused narrative about a group of pissed-off girls with no patience for sexism and no intention of keeping quiet. A dynamic chronicle not just of a movement but of an era, this is the story of a time when America thought feminism was dead, but a generation of noisy girls rose up to prove everybody wrong.

What I Can Tell You: I stand corrected. My impression of a Riot Grrrl was completely wrong. I thought a Riot Grrrl was someone like Gwen Stefani I never realized it was about Sexism and standing up for yourself.  The book was dense for me but I came out on the other side more educated on the makings of a Riot Grrlll and the cultural movement that started it all. I never saw myself as a Riot Grrl because I have a live, let live attitude but I give these girls credit. They know what they want and will do what they have to do for respect.

The book looks at the punk rock bands like Bikini Kill which was truly the only one I was familiar with and talks about the bands and how they used their stage to be heard. We all wish we had a soap box once in a while and the Riot Grrls involved during this moment used theirs and yelled their truths. They refused to "shut up" and after reading this, feel that an uprising needs to be revisited.

Disclaimer: I received a copy from Harper Perennial for my honest opinion.

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  1. I just saw this somewhere else in the blogosphere and knew this is one for me. I am a huge punk, I think you know this, but any books I can find with punky chicks is awesome! Great review!


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