Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Stocking Stuffer Idea #1

Goddess and I were able to review two great brushes from Conair.

I have wavy hair and tend to pick it rather than brush it and Goddess has straight hair and I have always used a comb but that has changed since receiving our package from Conair.

There is nothing like a good brush.

For Goddess' hair we are now using the Conair Gel Grips Cushion Brush. It conforms to the shape of your hand for easy gripping. Believe me when I tell you that trying to get this girl to stop long enough for me to brush her hair is hard enough. I can't be dropping the brush while doing it too. The flexible cushion base prevents hair breakage which is so important to this little one's hair too. She has straight hair, one length and every break can be spotted quite easily.

It also smooths hair very nicely and is gentle enough to use on Handsome. He has eczema on his scalp so hair brushing can hurt him.

Beside it being one of Goddess' favorite colors, it is quite comfy to hold and very pretty.

The one I am using on mine is the Conair Tourmaline Ceramic Porcupine Round Brush. It comes in small, medium and large.

This brush also smooths and styles plus it has the tourmaline leaves hair shiny and silky. How you ask? Well, the brush uses finely crushed tourmaline, a gemstone that naturally releases negative ions, infused into the nylon bristles and ceramic barrel of the brush. 

Plus it is sexy red and is great for blow drying. Now that I have those bangs. I needed a round brush to help me style them. 

This brush is great for people like me with thick hair.

Head over to the Conair site on You Tube ways to style, product videos, etc. Plus this one to figure out which brush is best for you!

Look for these brushes in my 2010 Holiday Gift Guide.

Disclaimer: I received these complimentary brushes from Conair for my honest review.


  1. I like the round brush-I also have thick hair-that was interesting about the finely crushed tourmaline

    tiramisu392 (at) yahoo.com

  2. these would be great to get the knots out of my daughters hair

  3. I have used a gel grip cushion brush before and I really liked it.

  4. I like the round brush.


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