Friday, November 19, 2010

Alphabe-Thursday - I

Jenny Matlock


The kids were outside playing last weekend when Goddess decided to make herself a leaf pile so that she and her brother could jump in. Her brother, being the boy that he is, decided to run through the mini pile that she had spent time trying to gather.

Her being the girl that she is, dropped her head and shoulders and sulked for two second. Shouted his name and started gathering again.

He being the boy he is, was oblivious to it all.

What I find so interesting about this photo is it could be titled; loss, sadness, heartbreak, defeated, devastated and your heart would go out to the sad, little girl in the picture. But, really it was a single second, a moment in time in between joy and laughter. My heart breaks when I look at this picture and I was there. If the photo was color, maybe the feeling wouldn't be the same. I shot in black and white so it would literally have to be manually colored for me to give you a comparison shot. This is what makes photography so amazing, so inspiring and so gratifying.  The moment was captured to last forever and the story that goes with the photo will be forgotten. In the future if this photo is spotted on the internet, on my flickr site, in a pile of photos long after I am gone. Will anyone know that this little girl, is completely happy, joyful and full or light? Probably not!



  1. She does look dejected, but I prefer to think that she is planning revenge!!

  2. Interesting, innocent and ichorous. (serious)

  3. Judie, Knowing my baby, she was totally plotting. Love that about her. But, she is also the biggest actress. Hopefully she puts her talents to good use one day and doesn't use them for evil.

    She is all that and then some.

  4. What an interesting thought - you're right though. I'd never have thought that it was a split second in time and that she was otherwise joyous. Great shot, and so much better in black and white than it could have been in colour.

  5. interesting ... this capture could convey something totally different ...

  6. Anonymous5:31 PM

    The emotions come out so much stronger in B&W. When I saw the picture before reading it I was like AWWWWWW!!!! then I smiled and realized she was ok.

  7. I'm so glad I read the post before looking at the photo - which btw is totally amazing!
    I love when you shoot in B/W, it has so much depth and imagery.
    I completely understand about the thought of years from now nobody knowing the story behind this photo and that is too sad. I think you should print out this post and attach it to the back of the photo.

  8. Pondside, So true. Everything changes, in a New York minute.

    Jo, Thanks for the comment.

    Clary, Yup totally fine and laughing two second later.

    True. She was totally fine except for that one second with a pout! It looks so pathetically sad though.

    Thanks for the kind words. I never know when something is going to work in B/W. Just happened to shoot this in black and white.
    You are right, I should write something on back.

  9. true. Our lives are lived in split seconds which can be captured forever on film. In our "real" lives, these seconds flow one into the other, and the "splits" can be lost.
    It really is a great photo; the black and white is perfect!

  10. What a beautiful, evocative photo and a wonderful story.

    I've never thought about it like you phrased it but how absolutely right you are.

    We all ponder the 'what, where and why's' of old photos we find of relatives.

    It's so abstract to think that the photos we take are the ones that will cause those questions in 50 or 100 years.

    Really, really excellent post.

    I will be thinking about this all day.

    I feel a very strong story in this pondering.

    Thank you for linking.



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