Friday, November 26, 2010

Hallmark Movie - You Lucky Dog - Great Feel Good Movie for Dog Lovers

A Hallmark Channel original movie, You Lucky Dog follows working woman Lisa Rayborn as she returns to her hometown of White Tail Creek to pay respect to her late mother. Soon after her arrival, she discovers that the town’s cattle ranching heritage has fallen on tough economic times and that her own family ranch is struggling. Determined to make things right, she adopts a shelter dog named “Lucky” with the intention of bringing life back to the ranch. What she finds is that the determination of one little furry friend will help to inspire an entire town

What I Can Tell You:
I am a big fan of Hallmark Channel Movies. They have a lot of heart and you always end up feeling good at the end.

Lisa played by Natasha Henstridge (Species and Species II) does a wonderful job of playing a humble city girl returning home in the wake of her mother's passing. She and her brother, played by Harry Hamiln have a wonderful, honest relationship and I loved their scenes together. The respect and openness of a brother and sister watching their father deal with his wives passing were beautiful.

Dad's cattle ranch isn't doing great and brother Jim decided to bring some sheep onto the farm against his father's wishes. He is hoping that the fleece will turn a profit but without a herding dog, the sheep are a problem.

Lisa heads to the animal shelter looking for a dog and adopts a dog she names Lucky. When she brings him home, her father tells her to remove the dog from the house.  Once Jim finds out that the dog was brought to the shelter by another herding rancher he tells her the dog must have done something wrong to have been sent to the shelter. 

Lisa looks into those big brown eyes of Lucky and knows he is special. Why wouldn't he be, look at him.
Lucky has a natural knack for herding the sheep which brings Jim around.  They discuss entering Lucky into the herding competition and hope to win some money for the ranch. When a fire breaks out after a wind storm, trapping some kids and Don, a man that Lisa is interested in. Jim and Lisa bring lucky to the scene. He herds the kids and Don to safety injuring himself in the process.

Finally Dad comes around and everyone is in love with Lucky. Dad finally explains why he didn't like dogs. It was his wife's dream to train dogs. She had a dog who he forced her get rid of after it nipped Jim when he was 2 years old. They gave the dog to the herding rancher who had gotten rid of Lucky which means Lucky could have been a descendant of the very dog his wife had to give away.
With a burn on his paw Lucky competes but doesn't win, however, because he is a hero, the herding sponsors Pedigree offer him the job as the new face of Pedigree dog food.

Beautiful story with a happy ending that will have dog lovers rejoicing and everyone without a dog, considering one.

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  1. This looks like a movie my family would enjoy! Great review!


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