Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Fragments - Life In General

Mommy's Idea

So much going on, this week flew.

Two half days for the kids for parent teacher meetings.

Handsome is doing great, his teacher is concerned about his comprehension and that he seems very disconnected at times. We are worried about the same thing as my long time readers know Handsome has come a long way and was in early intervention from 23 months old for a sensory processing issue. Socially he is doing amazing although his conversation starters aren't always appropriate. He doesn't always know that he is hurting someones feelings. Recently he has been interviewing kids in the class with, "so and so, do you like so and so." He lost recess this week because his teacher had to talk to him numerous times about this. Other than that we are working on his writing skills which have always been hard for him. His finger strength isn't great and his coordination and perception is a work in progress. His coordination skills have come so far in just a few months and I believe soccer is what helped.

His gym teacher says he is doing awesome and that bigger kids tend to be all arms and legs and sometimes grow before they have a chance to get used to their new height. This come from a guy who is over 7.5 feet tall. I felt like a 5 year old talking to him.

Briefly embarrassed while talking to the gym teacher when my phone rang (eye doctor telling me my contacts were in). I didn't pick it up but it is the theme from True Blood "I want to do bad things to you."

Goddess' teacher told me that she is doing great and we discussed how different she is in school with how she is at home. In school is never talks and is very shy. *cough cough*. Not! She was shocked to hear about the little crazy baby I have at home. I guess she is not Miss Personality there.

Goddess' creative skills are always discussed. She has an amazing eye for detail and her works of art make me very happy. She has started drawing word bubbles with her work. Cartoonist perhaps?!

Hosting a gift extravaganza through Mom Select for a bunch of moms soon. I am so excited. Everyone seems excited to be coming. Grab bag gift, food and door prizes. Hope it is great! It is only 2 days after my colonoscopy which is coming up faster than I want to think about.

Another infection over the last few months in my uterus. May, Diverticulits, August, Endometritis and now something called Bacteroides Fragilis. Woot! So fun! Not!

Loads to catch up on.

Reading a great book if I ever get a chance to get back to it. It is an ebook and it always takes me longer because it doesn't travel with me.

Won a few things in the past 30 days:
Susan Boyle Christmas CD from She Scribes
Popcorn Palace Giveaway from Show Me Mama
TwinkieMommie's Wand from SOS For Teachers
Dressbarn Skye giveaway from An Island Life.
Bratz Pampered Pets DVD and 3 Bratz Dolls from ToonZone


  1. WOW! Busy. I had parent-teacher meetings too, didn't go as well. Glad Handsome is improving in areas. Surprised to hear Goddess is not a cheeky monkey in school.
    Hope you have your pooter all fixed. That bacteria one sounds nasty.

  2. Happy to hear that the conferences went well. I know I don't need to tell you, but you have MUCH to be proud of in both of them :)

    lol, I used to have the Imperial March as my ringtone. I got tired of having to talk about it everytime it rang, so I eventually changed it.

    Good luck with your appt. I have a new GI Guy appt coming up soon too...uhm...yay. :|

  3. Freda, I know we spoke in email but I appreciate your words. It is annoying to feel better and then have something else crop up. I've been sick since May and it is getting old now. Try not to complain too much which is why I don't discuss it here but I only feel good about 3 days of the month. Feeling better now.

    Thanks I really appreciate that. You know that I feel being a mom is one of the things I do well. Not many things but in that department, I love with my whole heart, have tons of patience with them and understand their world and how they see things as much as possible so as not to freak over the smallest things.

    I am very proud of them. Hearing how they are in school is always so interesting. They are completely different kids when away from mom as most of us know.

    The ring was mildly funny but since I don't know him or how he would take it, embarrassment kicked in.

    Good luck with your GI guy. Will be seeing mine and him seeing more of me than anyone should ever have to see soon.

  4. Anonymous5:34 PM

    Glad to hear both kids are doing well in school.

    Congrats on your winnings. Lucky Woman!

  5. So proud of both the kids... I know how hard you have been working with Handsome on his comprehension, especially during the summer so he wouldn't lose everything he already had. You are such a great mom!!
    Goddess is such a wonder, she is going to be fabulous at anything she choses to do because of her imagination and heart, I cannot wait to see what she decides to do (it could be more than one thing).
    So sorry you are having such awful problems with your health. I hope you can get some answers soon and that you have several good days in a row! You deserve them... :-)

  6. Thanks Clary

    It has been so event filled lately.
    Thanks for the kind words. I do work a lot with him and Goddess has taken a back seat. It is time to shift a little and start working with her. She has to learn her sight words so it is time to focus some energy on her.
    They have accomplished so much in such a short time.
    She really is something isn’t she?
    My health has been so frustrating. If I had a diagnosis, something to say, Oh ok…I have to….but I don’t know what the hell is going on. Hate it. No control and no answers.


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