Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Tuesday Takes - Barney???

Tuesday Takes
It truly was the saddest Barney impostor ever but Handsome didn't care. He was thrilled to hug Barney. They stood together for an uncomfortable 5 minutes at least. Goddess on the other hand, had her arms wrapped around my legs and her head buried into my stomach so she didn't have to see him. She was very nervous to meet the big, ugly, purple, cockeyed dinosaur.



  1. Anonymous7:42 PM

    LMAO at Barney!! This must have been the Crackhead Barney. He looks busted. lol

    Glad to see Handsome enjoying him.

  2. I'm with Clary... lol... though good for Handsome. It didn't kill his dream.

  3. LOL wow they could have done so much better. What's with the eyebrows??? The "real" barney doesn't even have eyebrows at all, does he?

  4. Handsome looks so happy, so sweet and innocent, but that Barney has problems! My husband said, "What's wrong with his teeth!?" Haha!


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