Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pocoyo World FREE - Online World Code Giveaway

If you have a preschooler at home, you are familiar with Pocoyo which airs daily on Nick Jr.

Pocoyo, an inquisitive fun-loving three-year-old boy and his animal friends, Elly (the elephant), Pato (the duck) and Loula (his pet dog).  Pocoyo is packed with music, dance, and humor, and encourages children to “learn through laughter™”.

Like most popular shows, Pocoyo has gone virtual. For the past two nights, Goddess and I have played, Pocoyo World and she loves it. You can check it out for yourself here.

In the Pocoyo World, you create your own avatar, play games, watch videos, and do many other activities based on the Pocoyo ("little me" in Spanish) animation series, seen in more than 100 countries.

Registration is free and easy. (You need to be 18 to register)

Also, take note: When you sign up, you'll be automatically registered to receive a regular newsletter from the site.)

You can also become a premium club member for $3.90 a month
As a premium member you will be able to buy certain costumes, toys, and other special avatar accessories -- but there's plenty to do without a paid subscription.

You'll need to start at the main site to get to the virtual world; parents need to know that the main site has links to YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Although the virtual world is simple enough for young children to navigate, parents should explore the site with their kids, and not leave them unattended.

This is a great virtual world for young ones. Goddess loved exploring the different locations and playing the games. She really loved the workshop area. She laughed and laughed. As
I sit here writing this, with the site music in the background, she is begging me to hurry so she can play. "I really wish I could play" is what I hear next to me every 2 minutes.

I think the site is awesome. It is very smart, interactive. It is very social where kids can make virtual friends, visit their homes, or give them presents, in a completely safe environment.

We enjoyed walking around the zoo, riding the slide at the playground, dancing, and exploring.  The virtual world also includes several fun, graphically impressive games that younger kids are bound to love -- such as a golf game where the ball bounces off characters and objects before landing near the hole.

Playing games earns users tickets, which can be used to buy accessories and stamps for their online character-based stamp collection, but the emphasis is on having fun, not earning credit. Supportive messages like "hooray for Pocoyo!" at the end of some of the games reflect the site's cheerful, supportive tone -- and thanks to the constant guidance about what to see and do from a British narrator, even very young kids can easily find their way around Pocoyo's World.

If you have a fan or Pocoyo at your house or even if you don't, Pocoyo World is full of enjoyable and educational activities that help you familiarize yourself with the world and encourage creativity. Games that stimulate skills and reflexes and award virtual gifts. Episodes and melodies are always available to you to enjoy online. In addition, you have a private area where you can let your imagination run wild, decorate it, discover new areas and get fabulous prizes by solving the most amusing mysteries. All by using a very basic controls system that any child can manage.

Plus, check out Toy R Us for some adorable Pocoyo toys for the holiday season. 
There is the Bump n Go Car
And the Squeeze n Play Pocoyo, just to name a few.

The Giveaway: 1 Winner will receive a free 14 day access code to the Pocoyo World

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Disclosure: Pocoyo will be supplying the 14 day access code.

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