Thursday, November 04, 2010

The Fuzzoodles House Partypaloozas

I signed up for House Partypalooza, the brand-spanking new Child’s Play Communications house party program and was accepted to host a Fuzzoodles House Party.

You must have seen the commercial for Fuzzoodles. My kids, the kids who were invited and most of the moms knew exactly who there where.

I received two kits practice with and 5 kits for the party. Each kit was jam packed with tons of stuff.
I invited 8 kids and their moms over + me and my two for a fun filled craft luncheon.  Since there was no school on Tuesday it was the perfect opportunity to get together with good friends.

The party started at 11:30 with two guests coming from over an hour away.

We let the kids play for a half hour while lunch was put on the table. It was freezing out so lunch had to be warm. I served chicken, potatoes, soup and salad.  After lunch, the kids gladly went to play so that we could clean off the table.

We tossed all the stuff on the table and the fun began.

Even the moms eventually got in there.

It was great, we had babies from 1 month to kids to 11 years old. Even the 6 month old got involved.

I really loved seeing everyone working together.

This was the first party that I have been able to do giveaways at and it was so exciting to do. I opened 4 boxes and told the kids that the best creation would win a Fuzzoodle kit of their very own. The sponsor also supplied a $10.00 Toys R Us gift card which I was able to give to a mom whose name was selected randomly.

The kids had a great time and so did the moms (one wrote a bit about her experience here at Through The Lens). Another mom is a speech therapist and was very interested in reading the product information. She felt that she could use Fuzzoodles in her therapy.

The party was a complete success and I was thrilled to host.

Here is my slide show


  1. thank you again for having us, we had a great time!!

  2. Anonymous8:05 AM

    Great post Maria! The kids looked happy and they all looked they had a great time. Kudos!

  3. I love the picture of the baby--such a cute shot :)


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