Saturday, July 04, 2009

Organize Your Summer and A Giveaway To Help

Last week I introduced you to Bonnie Joy Dewkett, a professional organizer, author and motivational speaker and the owner of

Bonnie's site is full of tips to help you get your life back by helping you organize your responsibilities, your home, your storage, your schedule, etc. She basically helps you with anything that is eating up your personal time and preventing you from doing the things you really enjoy.

Visit Bonnie's website and find out how she can help you get your life back. Here is her online webform. She has made it easy for you to fill out to let her know your particular need.

Her July newsletter is available online where she discusses getting ready for college life.

Bonnie's speciality in organization was put to the test when I sent her over a quick video and some pictures of my kids bedrooms and my current challenges.

We are on a constant straighten up mission in this house or this place would fall apart. I refuse to be one of those people on Clean House or some other reality, messy TV show. I have taught the kids from early on, that when they take something out to play, they must put it back before taking out something else.

We are overrun with stuffed animals but as long as everything has a home all will be well. We clean them all inside a pillowcase every other month. The stuffed toy cleaning service takes literally an entire day but it is worth it to know that they aren't loving a bunch of dusty stuffed animals.

Bonnie looked at my pictures and video and came up with over a dozen ideas to help us get organized and combat out toy clutter.

Along with suggestions of how to handle things she also linked over to the source of her idea. If she spoke about a particular shelving idea, storage containers, bins, rugs or whatever, she provided the link of where I could get it. Hearing and seeing what she was referring to made it so much easier to get a vision and to move forward without excuses.

I got quick responses to all my questions and she was a never ending source of information, ideas, suggestions and motivation.

To book an organizing session with Bonnie for yourself and find out how you too can clean up, clear out, get your sanity back at a low, low cost fill out her webform here.

Sometimes we all know what needs to be done we just don't have the tools or ideas to support it. Now with Bonnie we do.

Bonnie was kind enough to give me a tote bag and a organize your thoughts notepad. What a way to get started on your path to organization.

Giveaway Instructions

To Enter The Giveaway: You must be a subscriber or a follower! Just let me know which part of your life requires organization assistance. (If this rule is not followed you will be disqualified). (US Only! 18+ Years Only!)

Deadline: July 19, 2009 (midnight)

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