Saturday, October 27, 2018

Unplugged Creative Play - The Half Acre Field - Created In Ireland

Product info- Created in Ireland, The Field toy helps inspire real world, screen-free, and imaginative play. This must-have field toy is free of batteries and features lush green grass, hedging, traditional wooden farm gates, farm animals, a tractor, and more! Creative play is proven to have intellectual, emotional and social benefits, and The Field toy is the perfect way to help boys and girls ages 3+ get away from the screens and use their own ingenuity to develop a farm world right in front of their eyes. It is available in two sizes: the original Field, 26” x 17”, as well as a Half Acre Field, 12” x 17”

The 411:

The Field is a fun concept. Anytime kids are offline and playing with their imagination I am happy.
We loved the idea of the field. The grass, hedges, tractor and animals were really cool. It was even nice to see the Certificate of Title for ownership of your property. We love that  you can add to the field your own toys or use the pieces included.

My preschool class loved playing with the field and I love that it was all contained. It is pretty sturdy and we used other toys in the field. Our classroom Little People were often in the field with the tractor which is so cute to me. I wish I could share photos of them.

The only downside for me is that the animals don't stay standing. I wish there was a flat piece under the animals to keep them steady. Even as the teacher in the class I couldn't get the animals to stand up and why I usually took out the sturdier pieces we play with in class.

What I noticed is that my kids took turns playing and setting them up. They also liked using the tractor and manipulating the fences in different configurations. The age on the box says 3+ and while my class are 2-3 they thoroughly enjoyed it but even for a 3 year old there is frustration when your fence or animals keep falling down.

The Pros:
Great toy for creative play
Different that what is out there
Fun grass and hedges. The kids love the texture
Perfect for perfecting those fine motor skills
Decent price for this toy

The Cons:
The animals and fences kept falling over
The size comparisons. I would have liked a more realistic size comparison from dog to cow and fences to animals.

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered.

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