Sunday, October 14, 2018

My Life In Pics - Sept 23 - Sept 29

Sept 23 - Goddess and Sage looking at something on the computer. I wish I could remember what it was. Probably some You Tuber because that is all Goddess' watches there days.

Sept 24 - Sage was nursing on Goddess when I called her with a Woofie attached to my phone. Never miss a shot again with Woofie.

Sept 25 - My Panda selfie! Thank you for making me look good Snapchat.

Sept 26 - I found a Praying Mantis case at my job while at recess. Look at all those things inside. Those tooth looking things would be babies if it were to survive.

Sept 27 - The Skeletons in my closet are too much for these skeletons. LOL I found these guys at a shop, can't remember where but aren't they cute?!

Sept 28 - Jinxy finally made it to the hospital. He will be having surgery either today or tomorrow. It was horrible. I had a rough time leaving him there. I managed to post that day. My heart hurt so bad!

Sept 29 -  Sage looking so collegiate in her shades cough Goddess' shades.

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