Sunday, October 14, 2018

My Life In Photos Aug 26th - Sept 8

August 26 - We are pet sitter for at least 12 families. These are two of our newest pups! It was only for a weekend but they are such sweet pups. We can't wait to sit for them again.

Aug 27 - Sage and those whiskers! Such a cutie.

Aug 28 - Goddess and her graphic art! I love her drawings.  She really loves drawing and practices her craft daily. Usually she sketches a character then takes a photo and colors it digitally. I can't wait to see where her art takes her.

Aug 29 - Breakfast with my girl. My son had to go to school for a few hours so my daughter and I hit one of my favorite places.

Aug 30 - Who exactly is getting a shot today? The cats had to go in for shots! My daughter hates shots so she was not feeling it.  I had to keep reminder her it was not for her. She couldn't even look as the doctor gave them what we came for.

Aug 31 - Sage and the Untamed T-Rex love the sunlight

Sept 1 - Soooooo we made a wreath for a newly painted house and front steps. It was fun and all made with Dollar General products.  Goddess was my perfect Vanna White to show off our wreath.

Sept 2 - Who doesn't love Snap chat? I love this one. Not my crazy hair but that flower! Cute! Very Kawaii.

Sept 3 - My boy and I sat outside for a while on the new steps watching it get dark. It was a nice conversation and I know that these times will be few and far between as he gets older so I really look forward to them.

Sept 4 - I love this! Goddess took this pic of Sage sleeping against the scratch post. She woke when the shot was taken but went right back to sleeping and purring. She is too cute.

Sept 5 - This year Goddess and Handsome are in different schools. This guy is her friend Tim. She has known him since she is about 2. They are in the same grade and take the bus together this year. I am not use to it she hasn't been on a bus since 2nd grade. Next year will be so much easier.

Sept 6 - Another Snapchat selfie! I love snapchat!

Sept 7 - Goddess and Wasp. Such a nasty little creature but you wouldn't know it from this pic!

Sept 8 - Stormy all dressed up for the Giant game.

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