Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Lost Child Is Worth The Watch

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The 411:

I didn't love or hate this movie. It was one of those movies that kept changing for me. One minute I think it is going in this direction and the next I am changing my opinion. The acting was good especially Landon Edwards, Levin Rambin, and Jim Parrack and the story line had so many opportunities to be a really good movie but it didn't ever cross over to that for me. 

Fern returns home from the Army and is going to live in her recently deceased father's house. She heads out to the bar and has a one night stand with a man named Mike who turns out to be the town social worker. In the woods she finds a boy named Cecil dressed poorly and obviously hungry and alone. She invites him back to her home where strange things start happening like her hair is turning grey and she is getting sick.

Is it a movie about PTSD? Maybe, our main character does have moments where she seems to be fighting her time in service. Is it a movie about dysfunctional families? Maybe, Fern left to join the army and it tore her family apart. Her brother sees her and beats her up, wanting nothing to do with her. Is it about the sometimes horrible conditions some foster children deal with? Well, maybe because the movie touches on that when we see the foster home that Cecil is taken to. Is it a paranormal movie? Possibly, the towns folklore talks about a Tatterdemalion who comes in the form of a child. Cecil, won't sit on a seat with salt on it, enter a house with a triangle above it and disappears in a photo that Mike swears he took of him to some men.  It touches on all this and more. I wish it would have stuck with a theme because the actors were wonderful.

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