Tuesday, October 30, 2018

3 Ft Bean Bag Chair For My Kids To Fight Over

Usually my husband likes to take up the couch and I sit in the chair when we hang in the living room however, there are 4 of us and neither of these pieces are large as they are handed down from my sister-in-law when she was selling her summer home. Soooo this means my kids usually fight over the one bean bag chair we have in the living room. We have talked about getting a large couch, one where we can all sit to watch movies together but finances are tight as usual! Life! Soooo...we bought another bean bag. This one is so much bigger than the other one and is much more comfortable too.

When we received it, it was wrapped up like my last mattress or a rug. I am not even sure how they do this but it was completely wrapped and shipped in a small but tall box.

We took it out of the wrapping and couldn't get it to form a bean bag shape. It was just flat. We fluffed and fluffed with us eventually figuring it would just end up being a large cat bed.

Today (3 days after I opened it) I came home from work and wah-la....the bean bag was a bean bag! Who would have thunk it!? Not me.

We put the cover on which was really easy because it almost completely unzips to fit the bean bag inside. The cover is so soft and microfiber like that it will probably be covered in cat in by the weekend but it says machine washable.

The kids are already fighting over it and we haven't even finished homework.

If you are looking for a large bean bag, I suggest this one!

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