Sunday, October 28, 2018

My Life In Photos - October 21st - October 27th -

October 21 - Our favorite dinner! Fried Eggplant. My daughter did the breading and I did the frying. There is no better way to eat eggplant than when you make it with love.

October 22 - She didn't want her photo taken but I loved her outfit. It was the start of Red Ribbon Week and she looked great. Teens! UGH!

October 23 - My son uses The Comfy every morning when he wakes. It has been cold in the morning and he is smart.

October 24 - Someone didn't believe that the cat sleeps with her so I had to snap this photo to show her that the cats love her too!

October 25 - Mr. Jinxy is doing well since his stitches came out. He was making biscuits on The Comfy and I was trying to pull it out from under him. As you can see, he didn't like it one bit.

October 26 - Trying to show how our new beanbag came in the mail. It was wrapped interestingly and we are still trying to make it an actual beanbag. It is a bit flat. She laid down and said, take me next to it for size comparison.

October 27 -Still waiting for the beanbag to take shape but Luna loves it! She has slept on it for 12 hours today.

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