Friday, August 18, 2017

Three Big-Picture Home Projects to Consider Before Your Baby Arrives

When you’re preparing for your first bundle of joy, it’s only natural to panic just a bit when you realize that your home isn’t exactly spotless.

Given that you should have at least a few months of prep, you probably don’t need to freak out.

That said, the one mistake I see so many first-time moms make is similar when it comes to preparing their homes for a baby. The problem? They focus so much on the baby’s room and minor décor that they totally miss out on the big picture.

Here’s some food for thought: once that baby comes, cleaning up is not going to be one of your top priorities. Not by a long shot! If you realistically expect to clean up your house and at least try to keep it that way, the bulk of your efforts need to happen prior to delivery day.

Luckily, I’ve outlined the three absolute must-do’s when it comes to tidying up your home in anticipation of your baby. Whether you’re undergoing these projects on your own or are enlisting the help of your partner or friends, strive to get these done sooner rather than later!

Deal With Your Garage
There’s perhaps no bigger pain than your garage when it comes to cleaning, right? As such, you’re simply not going to have the strength or interest in doing any sort of heavy lifting once your baby arrives. Similarly, you’re going to need the storage space in your home for items like strollers and other big-ticket items related to your baby.

Cleaning out your garage is no small feat, but will be totally worth it in the long-run. At this point, don’t be afraid to pitch bigger items that you haven’t seen or used in years: now’s not the time to be a hoarder.

You may also want to consider exploring the possibilities of what outlets like Carports and More have to offer: many ways to keep your vehicles covered outdoors to free up space in your garage.

Clean Out Your Closets
Whether in your hallway or bedroom, having additional closet space is a priority for any growing family.

If you have trouble parting with your stuff, bear in mind that you’re entering a whole chapter of your life. This is arguably the best time to “start over” in terms of your wardrobe and personal possessions.

Odds and ends such as diapers and wipes inevitably start to eat up space in your home; meanwhile, you may quickly find your pantry overflowing and need options in terms of storage. If you have items gathering cobwebs or clothing that you haven’t worn in forever, you have two options: donate them or put them in the attic.

Begin Babyproofing Now

It’s never too early to start babyproofing your child’s room. Even if they’ll be confined to a crib or attached to your hip during their initial time at home, you’ll thank yourself down the line for taking the time to babyproof in advance. From removing furniture with sharp edges and hiding wires to installing electrical plug covers, these small touches of safety are easy to overlook when you’re focused on spending those early days with your child.

While there’s plenty to look forward to with the arrival of a new baby, don’t make the mistake of putting these crucial projects off for later. Instead, ensure that you can enjoy your initial days at home rather than stress out about your home..

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