Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Girltrunks Are A Swimming Essential - Swim Suits That Build Confidence

My beautiful daughter over the past two years (Tween years) has become uncomfortable with the changes in her body. I love that she is modest and not trying to show her body off at such a young age. Many young girls see their bodies becoming less childlike and get self conscious shying away from putting on bathing suits. She usually wore one pieces until around 10 1/2 when she wanted a one piece and asked if she could wear the swim trunks her brother had grown out of.  
Back before she was uncomfortable

I always just want her to be comfortable with herself of course and told her yes although I thought, those trunks are obviously for boys and sooooo long. I am so happy we found something made for females that she loves and makes her feel comfortable. 

She loves to swim under water. BUT look how long these trunks are.

Girltrunks is a swimwear line for the modern-day woman who wants to completely eliminate the dreaded bathing suit drama and just feel comfortable, confident and stylish. Girltrunks offers coverage of the legs and lower body, which many women are very self-conscious about.  It's definitely a problem/solution product as well as an emotional purchase for many because it’s liberating for them to finally feel confident and comfortable in a swimsuit for the first time in their lives.   

The swim shorts are the most popular products, offered in two styles: the “Long on Short” and “Meet Me in the Middle.” Both styles feature quick-drying fabric that is water-friendly and comfortable, tapered legs that flatter the figure, attached mesh panty lining, and front pockets.

All styles are available in sizes 4-24 and both swim shorts retail for $79 on www.girltrunks.com.  

What she loved most was that they dried quickly, she felt comfortable and they don't look like swim trunks so if she wants to wear them before we get to the pool, she doesn't look like she is walking around the store with a bathing suit on. It is a total win!

My daughter wears a size 12/14 and I would have thought the 4 would be too big on her but we tightened the waist tie and she loves it!

We love them and will be ordering her another and one for me too!

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered or received.

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