Saturday, August 12, 2017

Artisan Cold Brew with Melitta Coffee

Whether you love coffee hot or cold Melitta is a name you will know once you try it! We are huge K-Cup users in my house and my husband always has at least two Melitta Espresso Toscana on deck and before Keurig we always had a can of Melitta Classic Blend for our coffee machine.   The man is a 12 cup a day kinda guy and it is hot no matter what the weather is. I however love coffee hot and cold depending on my mood. I hate all the money I spend on K-Cups and how fast they go but we need convenience especially for our busy mornings. which is why I am in love with the new Melitta pour over cone which fits over your cup.

The Pour Over Cone it is so easy to use.
Boil a pot of water
Put the cone on your cup (it has a lip so it fits perfectly)
Add a Melitta filter
Add your coffee grounds (the bag says 2 teaspoons for every 6 oz of water.)
Pour the water over the coffee grounds. The slower the more brewed your coffee will be)
Remove the cone and enjoy!

You can even make a cold brew with the Pour Over Cone

This is refreshing twist to your cold brew.

Artisan Cold Brew with Melitta

In a pitcher, add 2/3 cup of ground Melitta Coffee to 16oz of cold water. Mix well.

Cover pitcher and chill for 4+ hours. Remove from refrigerator and stir vigorously

Place a Melitta Cone Filters in Melitta Pour-Over Cone. Set cone atop a carafe or jar.

Pour the stirred coffee/water mix into filter. 

Wait for all liquid coffee to filter through and drip in carafe below 

Repeat pour-over process until all mix is filtered. 

You now have Melitta Cold Brew Concentrate

Keep Cold Brew Concentrate covered and chilled for up to a week. 


The price of the thermal cup (we love the bright red) with the cone is only $9.99. You can get it here

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product. No monetary compensation was offered. All opinions are my own.

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