Friday, August 11, 2017

Colors And Patterns In The Living Room

If there's a room in the home that offers numerous remodeling options, then it's the living room. It's a space where the family gathers together. When you're searching for contractor leads, you need to think about the budget you have as well as the size of the room. There are some designs that might work well in a larger living room but won't in a smaller area simply because of the techniques that are used or the colors and patterns.

Add color to the living room. Don't be afraid of vibrant shades, such as red, teal or yellow. The key to using these colors is to add white trim to the living room. You're also going to want to use white accents and a white ceiling. This will make the color family that you choose pop out even more than if you used a different neutral color.

Patterns are another area of the living room that you want to mix together. When you use patterns, they need to be in the same color family. Consider furniture in a solid color, a rug with small squares or circles and pillows that have a floral pattern. If you want to change the theme of the living room later on, you need to think about the base colors and whether you want to get covers for the furniture or if you want to get new pieces to work with.

A small living room doesn't usually offer a lot in the way of space for remodeling. If you use lighter colors, mirrors and larger windows, then you can at least create an illusion of a larger space. A contractor can come to install larger windows in the room if they aren't already present. Bamboo furniture is an idea as it will make the room seem lighter as well. Flowing curtains on the windows work well in small spaces as they won't be as constricting as blinds or drapes. Consider using more glass decorations instead of those that have more structure to them as they can open the space as well and reflect the light in the room, which can also add a brilliant and beautiful look.

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