Monday, August 19, 2013

Two New Books Kids Will Want To Read

The Big Hairy Secret

by Thomas Kingsley Troupe
Illustrated by Stephen Gilpin
For Ages 7-9
Flo Gardner isn't exactly thrilled when she and her mom move into Corman Towers, a giant apartment building in the middle of the city. To call their new home strange is an understatement. And things only get weirder when she meets Ferdinand, better known as Furry. It doesn't take Flo long to realize that there's more than one secret lurking in her new home.

The Book Trailer

The 411 by Maria And Goddess:

When Goddess looked at the cover she wasn't instantly pulled in. However, I was and told her that this was a book about two kids and one is a werewolf. She looked through the pages and fortunately there was a photo or two that showed big, massive spiders. She was hooked! We read it on the deck at dusk one night and she loved it. Thankfully this is one of two books about these two interesting kids and their very odd apartment building. Hopefully the author will keep writing because I cannot wait to see what happens and why there is a huge crack in the basement floor that has a bright light coming from it and why there are gorilla size spiders roaming around but mostly, if there are more werewolves like Furry and what other situations will Flo and Furry find themselves in.

I loved any books that get kids reading and I think this reads like a first novel and kids will enjoy it.

Zeke Meeks vs the Super Stressful Talent Show

by D.L. Green
Illustrated by Josh Alves
For Ages 7-10
Zeke's teacher is at it again. This time, Mr. McNutty is making the whole class be in a talent show. Normally, Zeke wouldn't worry about having a great act, but something amazing is at stake: the winner of the talent show will get advice from reality TV star, Brassy Glass. Zeke can't sing, he can't dance, and he really can't juggle. So what can he possibly do to win a moment with his hero?

The 411 by Maria and Goddess

This book is great for the kids who are not yet at the Diary of a Wimpy Kid stage. In this book, Zeke is in 3rd grade and with a name like Ezekial Meeks (which rhymes with freaks) you can imagine the shenanigans and harassment Zeke goes through in school daily. Goddess is going into 3rd grade and I couldn't wait to read this one to her.

Zeke's teacher Mr. McNutty tells the whole class they will be performing in a talent show and a cousin of his classmate who recently won a singing competition on America's Next Superstar is coming and will give advice to the kid who wins. Obviously Zeke like every kid in the class wants to win. Zeke after much debate decides he will train his dog Waggles to do tricks! Easier said than done because Waggles is the "most brainless dog" in the world.  Waggles may not be smart but he copies everything Zeke does so is born the idea of Fantastic Zeke and Dorky Dog! Can Zeke and Dorky Dog win the talent competition? Read and find out what happens.

I loved how great this story is. The illustrations and fun storyline will have kid laughing and wanting to keep reading about Zeke and his family.   Great book to read alone or together. AND...if your child likes it there is a series of Zeke books.

Disclaimer: We received a complimentary copy from Capstone Young Readers for our honest opinion. No monetary compensation was received.

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