Saturday, August 31, 2013

My Scenic Weekend - Stroll With Us Through Warwick New York

 The kids and I headed out for the day while waiting for my car to go into the shop. Here is my Goddess sitting at a beautiful planter in Warwick New York. We thought this was the perfect place to walk around and take some photos.

 Even Handsome took some time to actually pose for a shot.

 I LOVED this one so much I just had to play with it.

Handsome decided to hide behind the planter and call me, I thought it was so cute I asked him to do it again for me.

 I would love to come back here and just people watch or read a book. We found it an interesting idea to add a quiet moment in the midst of the chaos of this busy street.

 So many beautiful places to sit. In this one Goddess asked me to get her sitting on the bench with the "beautiful building" behind her. I love that she sees things with a photographer's eyes. If at 8 she sees this as beautiful, I can only imagine what her photographer eye will pick up later.

There were so many beautiful places to stand or sit here. Not sure where my girl got this pose but....she is going to have shoulder problems if she keeps it up.

Handsome had a big smile and wanted to take a picture in front of this building as well. The old tats on his arm are only about 2 days old. He has suddenly decided he wants a sleeve tattoo when he is older. 

He also asked me to take his photo at these benches. After I asked what he was doing. He had actually just sat down but the image looks so lonely I had to play with it.

There is that pose again.  This is an eatery section of Warwick. Love those flowers. It was early so most of the chairs were empty but by lunch I am sure it is full.

This area looks so busy. I love it. So much going on. There is even a French Restaurant I am dying to try. It smells so good. Maybe when the kids go back to school. I have been saying it every year for the past three. This year I am MAKING it happen.

Goddess tossed about 75 cents in pennies into this fountain. I wish things could really happen by throwing a coin in a fountain and making a wish. Ahhh to be young.

I love this shot of a Sweet Shop with all that brick and the flowers so much, I had to play with it.

I hope you all have a wonderful Scenic Weekend!


  1. gorgeous flowers. I spent a week in Anchorage and loved how beautiful/decorated they kept the city streets.

    1. I love how they have this area decorated. Beautiful. You want to take the trip and just walk there.

  2. Your children are cute! I love all the pretty flowers, you found a nice place! Have a happy weekend!

    1. Thanks so much. They are kinda cute and fun to be with. It was a lovely stroll

  3. Warwick New York is beautiful and so are the photos you took. I'd love a chance to visit New York. Maybe one of these days the hubby and I will make it over to the east coast :)

  4. The teen is in New York so this post caught my attention! I like all the photos! Super cute kids! What a great family weekend!

  5. Lovely place. Your kids are very cute.

  6. These nooks of garden colour are so enchanting. They must be such a relief in between the buildings.


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