Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Holy Shitskers I Am 47

Yesterday I turned 47 years old. WOW. did that happen?

It's not old, not really and I know this because my grandparents are in their mid 90's bless them but wasn't I just 12, 25, 33, 38, 40...I mean really? They are not kidding when they say time flies.

It was an ordinary day and I did ordinary things like laundry, grocery shopping, took the kids to their 1 hour summer classes and refereed sibling fights all day long BUT....I am a big, big believer in seeing the little things....

Here are some of the photos Goddess and I snapped during our stay over at the library between breakfast and summer school. Handsome was roaming of course.

It started with my husband NOT saying Happy Birthday before he walked out the door but asking if HE should pick up a cake.

My daughter, the last one to wake, hadn't even opened her eyes, in a tiny voice said, "Happy Birthday Mommy."  I umped across the bed to tell her thank you, give her a hug and let her know she was the first one in the house to tell me.

A girlfriend took me to breakfast and told me to order whatever I wanted. Our kids were there but it was so sweet to be spoiled for a moment.

15 fights and 3 hours later, Goddess stopped fighting with her brother and asked, "Can I give you your card now?" I didn't know what to expect. Did my husband give her one to sign and she was taking it upon herself to give me? was a card she made herself the night before. I saw her working on a project but it was the decoy to throw me off project. Pretty sneaky for an 8 year old, I am nervous for our future.

The decoy was the diorama in with the cardboard me and her. So cute. I place the card in the it for the photo.

After that she made me a cake. She was so excited to make her first cake alone with me supporting with instructions after all she is only 8 years old. She read the box instructions, and put all the ingredients in the bowl (wish I had video of her excitement over cracking eggs) but I do have one of her using the mixer.

Look at that proud face!

After that we ran out for a few and my Daddy called. He calls and leaves the same message every year which is so sweet. Dad is having health issues as of late and I am saving this one forever. Sorry for the sideways video. I often forget that I am supposed to hold the phone like a camera. 

Teach got home and gave me a card which was placed on the dining room table, when I didn't get to it right away, it was placed on the kids computer with a "cute, here is your card." I was on the phone accepting concert tickets from a friend who want's to give me tickets for a Matchbox Twenty/Goo Goo Dolls concert (I may or may not be going, long story). The card is very sweet and if he really read it it says everything I needed to hear from him over the past few months.

After that we sang happy birthday and the kids and I blew out a candle. It was delicious and I am thinking of having it for breakfast. Is that wrong?

Maybe I should stop doing crazy face pictures with the kids because apparently Handsome forgot how to be just be normal in front of a camera.

Here is one of the many photos my Goddess snapped of me yesterday. I should give her the camera more often, I may actually get some photos of me.

I love this one! She did a pretty good job!

After 130 Facebook messages private and publicly, I had a great birthday. It was quiet but very me! AND before bed I told Goddess that SHE made my birthday very, very special. Kids need to hear they are appreciated as much as the next person right?!


  1. So glad you had an awesome day! You sure as hell don't look 47!!!

  2. Awww love the card and the pics and you don't look a day over 35 :)

  3. Just a couple of day's late, but hope you had a great Birthday. Your not looking your age at all. Hope it was a great one!

  4. Happy Birthday I know what you mean I'm 52 don't know how that happened time flys. thankyou, ken

  5. Belated Happy Birthday!! You are a beautiful and energetic (to say the least) 47 year old to be sure! I just turned 51 on Monday and I promise you that you look 20 years younger than me! I was alone on my birthday and would love to have spend mine as you did yours. The time does fly!!

  6. Hope you had a terrific birthday! And that face Handsome is making cracked me up--looks like he is practicing to be a zombie for Halloween.

  7. Happy birthday..homemade cards are the best

  8. Anonymous8:49 PM

    Belated Happy Birthday Maria. Looks like you had a great birthday. I love when the kids make homemade cards and the homemade cake is so cute too. Love how much pride your Goddess had in making that for you all by herself!
    marypopmom (at) yahoo (dot) com

  9. I love The diorama Goddess made! Of course the cake was extra delicious I am sure she put the secret ingredient of any good baker - love! Happy Belated Birthday!


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