Friday, August 02, 2013

If I Forget Another Coupon I Am Truly Going To Scream!

I am not an extreme coupon-er but man I strive to be. Each week I faithfully cut out coupons, search them online and even get a nice little envelope from my Daddy with coupons which he loving cuts for me. HOWEVER, I miss out way too often. It never fails because I am constantly forgetting to bring the box!

Above is a picture of a photo box that I use to store all our coupons. I faithfully sit every week before I file the new ones and take out any that have expired. Everything is sectioned by food or even the aisle depending. I even have an area for coupons that are not groceries like restaurants or toy stores.

People at the store probably think I have it all together with my box in the front seat of the cart but I usually walk out feeling like I haven't quite mastered the couponing thing because I usually save only about $4.00-$12.00 however, there are times I have saved up to $30.00 and I beam from ear to ear as I walk out the door with my head held high. There is no applause and I am still handing over a pretty decent amount of mula but I feel good!

At this point I have found many great coupon resources like couponcodeday and so many more. My friends and I even have a Facebook page to share anything new we find.   We have even shared a few mobile apps that give us coupons.

The best part about online coupon sites is that you can usually find everything in one easy to navigate place.  Right now I am searching for Back To School Coupons and birthday gifts as well as food, food and more food. Let the shopping begin.

If I find anything else interesting I will let you know and please do the same.

Keep Clipping and happy savings to you!


  1. I have fallen off the couponing bandwagon and desperately need to get back on. Somehow Java got wiped off my computer during a diagnostic and you need it to print coupons. Argh! And since all the issues with security and viruses with the new one, I am afraid to download. Argh! But I miss it and like you feel pride on a good coupon trip!

  2. Before my second child was born I was the queen of couponing-now, not so much. Baby has thrown me off my game!!!
    How sweet is it that your "Daddy" send you coupons?!

  3. I use coupons from time to time but not as often as I would like. For some reason, my printer won't print out the coupons I'd really like to use. It's a cheap older printer and I think it's time to upgrade. Love how organized you are with your coupons though :)

  4. I always have that moment at the store where i remember that i forgot my coupons at home. My husband laughs at me that i hate to pay full price for items at the stores, but what can i say i hate to waste money!


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