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Jump Starting Boys by Withers and Gills Is A Must Read For All Caregivers - GIVEAWAY


Jump-Starting Boys
Help Your Reluctant Learner Find Success in School and Life
By Pam Withers and Cynthia Gill
Foreword by Dr. John Duffy
ISBN: 978-1-936740-39-0
Trade Paper, $16.95
5.5” x 8.5”, 248 pages
Publishing on Son and Daughter Day, August 11, 2013


School has already started in parts of the country and mine go back in just a few short days. My children's education is something I spend more than 50% of my week thinking about. I poor over their school work, progress reports and IEP's trying to figure out the best way to help them and their teachers make them the best they can be.

Boys are quickly falling behind girls in school, starting as early as the second grade. Academic research gathered in May 2012 revealed that student populations in U.S. colleges today are only 40% male, due in large part to poor grades earned throughout middle and high school (featured on  Further, the U.S. ranks just 14th in reading proficiency, 25th in math proficiency, and 17th in science proficiency.

A child’s greatest asset is a parent who cares enough to motivate them to succeed. Jump-Starting Boys is the first book on the market that empowers parent readers to reclaim the rewards of raising their sons.

There are more than a dozen books on underachieving boys, but most parents brave enough to lift one off a shelf are instantly intimidated by the footnotes, graphs, case studies, academia-speak, and remedies aimed almost entirely at educators and physicians.  Largely left out of the discussion are parents of boys, who are most aware that their bright, eager sons hit an invisible barrier sometime around the fourth grade, after which they become disengaged, discouraged, and disaffected. By puberty, too many sons seem determined, through no fault of their own, to be slackers in school regardless of incentives or disciplinary measures. Jump-Starting Boys features dozens of heartwarming true stories and take-action checklists that parents can use in everyday situations.

Authors Pam Withers and Cynthia Gill can speak to this phenomenon of “falling sons” both as parents and educators. Pam Withers is the bestselling, award-nominated author of over a dozen adventure novels for boys. During her thirty-year career as a high school teacher, Cynthia Gill, M.A., L.M.F.T. worked on innovative curricula development and served as an academic dean, while winning acclaim for her work in the classroom.

Jump-Starting Boys authors Withers and Gills teach parents how to:

·      Determine their son’s learning style and how best to help him learn
·      Encourage a reluctant reader via book clubs, graphic novels, and kinesthetic activities related to reading
·      Emphasize on one-on-one interaction during reading time
·      Limit screen time without coming across as a tyrant
·      Use their son’s interest in technology to foster excitement about learning and forming good reading habits
·      Teach their son to be a self-motivated, lifelong reader

My kids both have specific learning issues and this book for me was perfect to help me with both.  While Handsome is doing great in school I loved reading some of the authors suggestions about limiting screen time and fostering my child's specific learning style.

Both of my kids are reluctant readers Goddess because it is difficult for her and Handsome because he has problems deciphering what is being said.

I also took a lot from the section on mentors and how important it is to have boys with strong male role models. Teach isn't around for homework and so far Handsome's teachers have all been woman. I think having Teach go over Handsome's homework with him after it is all done would really benefit the both of them. Teach would have to be more involved and Handsome would get a different prospective and a review of homework isn't a bad thing!

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Disclaimer: We received a complimentary copy for our honest opinion. No monetary compensation was received and all opinions are me own.


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