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Goddess' Book Suggestions for Ages 1 - 6

Goddess is going into 3rd grade next month and reading is still very hard for her.  She knows the sounds but has a word retrieval problem. For such an intelligent girl this frustrates her and makes her not want to even try. 

She has been in special reading classes since I demanded it the middle of 1st grade. I saw the problem in Kindergarten but since she has a high level comprehension and knows her to use her resources while reading such as understanding the story, the sentence structure and using photos. This problem was not seen by the teachers, she totally faked them out but not her mommy! I knew it and thankfully she is in class this Summer as well for reading. I see changes. She has gone up 4 reading levels but unless she really wants to, reading is horrific for her and me. As I spend time begging and she spends her time resisting which is why I usually get her books way below her level to build her confidence. It seems to work and as a book lover mom, it kills me that she is so resistant.

We have spent a lot of time reading this Summer, here are some of her favorites. 

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

by Charles Reasoner
Illustrated by Marina Le Ray

Age Level1-3 Years
Reading Level Grades PreK-PreK

Illustrator Charles Reasonor's charming version of the traditional nursery rhyme Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. Word balloons add a touch of sweet humor to a familiar tale.

The 411 by Maria & Goddess:

We love board books. They are great for resistant readers because they are fun! The pages in this book are tabbed with a full moon, a shooting star, a crescent moon, house and owl. Which is the fun addition to this story. While she knows this nursery rhyme she didn't mind reading it out loud to me.

The pages are beautifully filled with a nighttime sky and owls sit with word bubbles over their heads as they wait for the beautiful night sky to provide the background for their magical slumber.

Goddess read this book out loud and enjoyed the cute owls and their excitement over the sky especially the smallest one who needed one more peek before sleep.

Little Dinos Don't Bite

by Michael Dahl
2-4 Years
 Grades PreK-K
Little Dino must learn that even though he has nice, sharp teeth, he can’t bite anything — or anyone — he wants to.

The 411 by Maria & Goddess:

She loved this book because the words were "super big" (her words). She also liked the repetition of the story.  Little Dino like many children is in a biting stage and his mommy is telling him what he shouldn't bite and what he can bite like his healthy snack of cracker, apple and carrot.

Goddess thought it was funny that Little Dino wanted to bite his mom and that there wasn't a single word she needed help with.

We think this is a great book for teaching positive behavior and good manners in a really fun way.

Princess Addison Gets Angry

by Molly Martin
Illustrated by Mélanie Florian
Age Level2-6 Years
Reading LevelGrades PreK-1
When Princess Addison doesn’t get what she wants, she becomes Princess Angry.

The 411 by Maria & Goddess:

I love the cover of this book. Addison is definitely angry and there is no denying it, just look at that face!

Goddess loved Addison's name Princess Lorelei Tiffany Genevieve Sinclair who is upset because it is raining out and who wouldn't be? After all she can't do all the fun things she usually does like pick flowers and dance by the fountain or walk her dogs. 

Addison's mother, The Queen lets Addison know it is OK to cry and be angry but that she is a princess and needs to take a deep breath, and let someone know how angry she is because she will feel better.

I love this story. Addison is "heard" which is really what most kids want and feels much better. Adorable book! 

There are more Princess books too like Sad, Scared and Happy. Great series for young girls. 

Third Grade Mix-Up

by Michele Jakubowski
Illustrated by Luisa Montalto

Age Level6-8 Years
Reading Level Grades 1-3

When Sidney Fletcher moves to Oak Grove, things get a little strange for Sydney Greene. Not only does Sydney share a name with a boy, but he's in her third-grade class! First-day-of-school drama has them at odds, but Sidney and Sydney soon find out that they share more than just their names. Can boys and girls actually be friends?!

The 411 by Maria & Goddess:

This is a book I read to Goddess and she loved. It is a great first chapter book for young readers as each chapter has about 3-4 pages and color pictures to make the book less intimidating. 

In this book Sidney is the new kid in a new school and nothing feels right until he meets two new friends Gomez and Sydney. 

Everyone needs friends and things will get better if we give it time as Sidney soon sees. What happens in third grade when a boy and girl share a name? Read this chapter book with your child and find out.

I loved the chapter titles like Weirder Things Have Happened and The Cafeteria Is The Scariest Place On Earth. They set the young reader up for the chapter. Getting my kids to read longer books have been a challenge and I think the fun titles and pictures really add to the story!

Disclaimer: We received these book complimentary from Capstone Young Readers. No monetary compensation was offered and all opinions are my own.

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