Thursday, February 25, 2010

Memory Rewind - February 2007

Welcome to Memory Rewind

In the past two days I have been looking through some old photo albums with my daughter. She loves hearing stories about when she was a baby and I love telling them. If you are like me, feel free to link up. This will go up every Thursday as I do what this blog was intended for; write about my kids. Create a legacy of memories for them.

Here is Handsome Feb 20, 2007, shooting down a hill in the backyard. He has yet to have a sled but manages. We kick it old school here. Butt sledding is the only way to fly.

He's bigger and wilder now but still lives for this hill in the winter.

Feb 12, 2010 (41)

This is a photo of Handsome and I taken on a timer Feb 21, 2007. My mom died when I was very young and there aren't many pictures of us together. Taking pictures of me and the kids has been very important to me since their first hour of life. All cameras must include a Self Timer feature! You can see the struggle to keep him with me in this picture. His favorite part of taking a picture is after the flash, running over to the camera to catch a glimpse of the photo before it vanishes. Sometimes he ran as the flash was going off so there was a blur of movement and me sitting there smiling. So, I held strong until the picture was taken.

Tee-hee....Look at that hair! Doing the hair fountain was mandatory for this kid. She was born with a full head of dark hair and had a plume of hair that cascaded down her face even though the back stayed short. Seriously, is there anything cuter than that hair? Love it.


This picture was taken of the kids sitting in my husband's favorite chair. This was in fact the last year we had the chair. It was leather and spun 360 degrees. All the kids that came to my house loved it. Everyone wanted to sit and spin in the chair. In fact, I took this picture as I was spinning them. Notice the little faces that screams, "This tickles my tummy but I love it".


Last but not least, here is Goddess holding her brother's baby doll. We still have the doll and it still smells like baby powder. I gave this doll to Handsome when I was a week away from my due date for Goddess. It was part of the whole "be gentle with the baby speech." He was only 23 months old when Goddess came. The doll was part of the nursing basket created for Handsome. After nursing Handsome I was a pro about the dedication it takes and how much time is invested. With him not even being two and my husband working I knew that he would need me as much as he still did, except this time I would have a baby attached to my breast at least 6 hours a day. Fortunately, Goddess was very tiny and I could nurse her with one arm while getting Handsome's request.

In the nursing basket which would only come out during nursing time (which with her was all the time) there were snacks, a water bottle, books, toys, his "baby", crayons and paper).

This is a great suggestion for anyone who is about to have a baby that will be nursed. Instead of having to get up every second, most of anything he asked for would already be in his hands. Rotate the items every few days so they don't get bored.

BTW, I love the way she is holding the baby. Such a big girl already. Yes honey, support the neck!


  1. Anonymous11:41 AM

    the pictures are great!! I love their smiles. I can see all the love through each picture.

  2. Fantastic pics! Love the one of Goddess and her hair straight up... omg too cute!
    I'll be back with a flashback.


  3. Very sweet memories! I love how Goddess holds her baby doll. =)

  4. Thanks for sharing your memories--I love the nursing basket idea--and the fact that you gasp! let your son play with a doll! It really irks me when I hear kids talking about "boy toys" and "girl toys" because their parents have taught them that there's a difference. Kids of both genders can learn from all kinds of toys :)
    I love the baby peacock hair and the butt sled too--lol

  5. Such great pictures and I loved reading all about the kids when they were little! You are such an amazing mom to think of having a nursing basket for Handsome when you would be busy feeding Goddess. What a fabulous idea!
    I love the fountain hair... she looks so cute, and the picture of her holding the baby is SO precious. Thanks for sharing!


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