Friday, February 05, 2010

Johnson's Baby Products - A Review

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Look at this booty of Baby Products. Nice! My kids are 4.5 and 6.5 and I can not imagine ever not using these products on them.

Johnsons is just synonymous with babies and thanks to Mom Central I was able to review all the above products including their new Nightime Bubble Bath and Baby Wash.

Every week there is at least one or two Johnson's Baby Products in my shopping cart. We love their products. The smell of the lotions, the baby wash, shampoos, baby powder, bring a calm over me.

When I had my baby shower almost 7 years ago now, there were so many gifts that included at least three of the above products. They are the gifts I used the most. Seeing them all lined up in my son's baby cabinet made me happy.

JOHNSON'S® Baby BEDTIME® Bubble Bath & Wash

JOHNSON'S® BEDTIME® bubble bath & wash combines NATURALCALM™ essences with lots of bubbles and our NO MORE TEARS® formula, extra gentle baby wash. Use it with JOHNSON'S® 3-step, nightly routine to help your baby sleep better. *Treat your baby to a warm bubble bath using JOHNSON'S® BEDTIME® bubble bath & wash, then gently massage skin with JOHNSON'S® BEDTIME® lotion. End with quiet time to help your baby drift off to a better night's sleep.

I love the way my baby girl smells after I take her out of a Johnson's Bath. Holding her all wrapped up in a towel with her longer legs sticking out of the hooded baby towel as I struggle to a standing position reminds me of the baths, when my babies were smaller and I couldn't get enough of their baby smell. When I say prayers at the end of the day, I can smell the baby shampoo in her hair and her sweet smelling skin. It just makes me want to curl up next to her and hold her all night.

My Girlfriend just came home from the hospital with a baby girl and I am working on a basket of baby things, included will be:

  • JOHNSON'S® BEDTIME® bubble bath & wash combines NATURALCALM™
  • JOHNSON'S® Baby Bar Soap
  • JOHNSON'S® Soothing Vapor Baby Bath - This stuff Is a complete necessity
  • JOHNSON'S® cleanser
  • DESITIN® Rapid Relief Cream - In my eyes the best diaper rash cream ever
  • JOHNSON'S® Baby Lotion
I would like to thank Mom Central and Johnson's Baby Products for reminding me that some of the best baby shower gifts can be found on a supermarket shelf.

"I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Johnson’s and received samples of Johnson’s Baby products to facilitate my review."


  1. Anonymous4:45 PM

    My daughter is 7 years old and I still use these products on her. i love the smell and how it makes her skin feel.

    Your friend will be so happy when she sees her baby basket. lucky!!

  2. Johnson & Johnson products are the best.
    My kids are grown but I still but baby powder for my hubby. He loves the stuff and is the only talcum powder he will use.
    I admit, I love when he comes home from a night shift, slips in bed beside me, and smells so good and baby powder like after his shower. It's nice!

    Great review!

  3. The calming lavender scented stuff from Johnson's is my favorite. I think I think I will use these products until my daughter is old enough to have a job and buy her own products!

  4. Hi johnson's Baby products is very important fir child's.


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