Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Fragments - Feb 19, 2010

Friday Fragments are just a some tidbits of the week.

Registered Goddess today for Kindergarten! Dropped off paperwork and informed the office staff that the crying will start in a few months, "Mine not hers".

Flowers that were delivered last Saturday from my husband are from ProFlowers and they look like they were just delivered 6 days later. Amazing.

We have some little rodent type residents in the attic. We hear them at night and set traps 3 days ago catching nothing so far. Damn these critters, now we have to put all food in bins so they only smell the peanut butter in the trap.

Dreamt that I was pregnant the other night by Mr. Ed O'Neil. Interesting! Maybe ABC could stop doing two episodes of Modern Family. The same night, my girlfriend had a dream that she had Rob Patterson autograph a picture for me. Why the hell do I get dreams about Ed O'Neil and she gets Rob????

Found some awesome free worksheet sites for PreK and Kindergarten kids. I kept the kids out on Tuesday due to the snow and we did 2 hours of homeschool. Mostly we worked on Reading Comprehension. My son did a great job considering this is one of his weak points.

Have so many great books to review including one from a friend of mine. Hope I can get to them all soon!

Ran into a friend I haven't talked to since December because of a misunderstanding and overreaction. It wasn't weird for me, but I don't know how it was for her. We were cordial to each other and when she hugged my daughter I hugged the both of them.

My daughter received special Valentine gift from a boy. Too cute that she is only 4 and already has a boy giving her gifts.

My niece was supposed to come over tomorrow but her work plans changed. I am bummed, we love having her over and the kids were excited.

Seriously need to get to the doctor for a wrist problem.

Taking care of my friends dog this weekend while she heads out. It is nice to know that people trust you enough to give you the keys to their home.


  1. I love that show Modern Family... funny stuff!

    I have something for you here:

  2. LOL I was had a dream I was Barack Obama's second wife. Michelle Obama, didn't like me too well. If you only knew how absurd (just have to know me) that dream was, you would laugh.

    Be lucky you got Ed. I also had a dream a long time ago that I was dating Dwight Yokam. LOL. My subconscious mind has no taste.

  3. We get rodents in our attic too, and we can hear them running around. We put a trap up there with peanut butter, but they wont take the bait.

    We love Modern Family and watch it every Wednesday. Good show.

  4. Thank you for the education sites!!
    They will come in handy, for sure.

    Yeah, sending that baby off to school is going to be tough.

    Make sure your rodents aren't squirrels. They can do some major damage in short order.

    Stop by when you have a chance.

    ~ Cheryl

  5. I would have to second thst comment about squirrels. You may want to get a live trap.

    Stopping by from Friday Fragments

  6. ~ How traumatic to register your baby for kindergarten.
    ~ Those flowers from hubby are gorgeous, saw them in one of your VLOGS, he did GOOD!!
    ~ The only rodent I like is Mickey Mouse ºOº
    ~ I'd call a dream about Ed O'Neil a nightmare (or one about Rob Patterson, for that matter).
    ~ Sorry about the misunderstanding with your friend, hope it all works out soon.
    ~ Go to the doctor before your wrist gets worse, please.
    ~ I'm sure your friend would trust you with anything! I would... :-)

  7. Anonymous8:08 PM

    Modern Family is a great show!!
    Go to the freaking DR!!!


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