Saturday, February 27, 2010

Friday Photo Flashback - 33 Weeks Pregnant

Friday Photo Flashback

This week I am submitting a photo of me at 33 weeks with Handsome. I am standing in Handsome's nursery. After we painted it and started adding the crib and stuff, I spent so much time in there. Just talking and rubbing my "Handsome" belly.  He was big and breech, most of the time I was so uncomfortable and couldn't breathe. He was stepping on my bladder and every time he pushed off his head pushed against my sternum which still hurts and now juts out thanks to the constant head. You could see his head start to rise right under my breast, I felt like a freak show but you can't see that feeling in any of these photos. Waiting for him to come was one of the happiest feelings I had ever experienced in my life before having kids. I was happy and excited all the time.


  1. Look at that glow! You look beautiful while pregnant!

  2. You were totally glowing!

    Did handsome come out breech too, or did he finally turn around on his own?

    Wondeful flashback!

  3. It's amazing that we can be so uncomfortably miserable and then willingly get pregnant and give birth AGAIN, isn't it?! lol
    You look fabulous, whether you could breathe or not :)

  4. You look absolutely gorgeous and so happy! I love how you decorated Handsome's room, the decorative painting on the top part of the wall is so pretty. I bet he loved that room and has wonderful memories.


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