Thursday, February 18, 2010

Forget the Box, Give Me The Bottle of Cherries

It's written right on the box; Change within: Opening this box will reward your sense of taste and may change your life forever.

I walked inside opened the box of CherryPharm and grabbed a bottle to go. We were playing in the snow so I brought on outside for my daughter and myself. After all she is my test bunny when it comes to ingestibles. I opened the bottle and took a huge swig! It was good; sweet, tart and smelly amazing. Motioning over to the tester, I asked, "do you want to try some Cherry juice?"  She slid down the hill and came over. She put her nose in to smell, then put her mouth up for me to pour some in.

Giving her the smallest amount (hey, I'm not wasting anything, I liked it), I waited to see if she wanted more. She licked her lips and said, "I like it!"

What's not to like, take it from a 4 and 43 year old (IT TASTE GREAT).

Now, before, you think this is just a taste great drink, let me tell you a little more about CherryPharm with the help of their website.

Cherries contain the highest levels of health giving antioxidants of any other fruit on the planet.

The creation of CherryPharm starts with the orchard-to-bottle freshness of whole tart cherries. We then use a proprietary Nutrient Retention Process, created by food experts at Cornell University, to extract juice from the whole fruit. Why? Because a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that the nutritional powers of fruits and vegetables are significantly greater when consumed as close to their natural state as possible… rather than when in a concentrated, encapsulated, or powdered form.
With CherryPharm you get only real tart cherry juice - never ever from concentrate. Each bottle made fresh to order when you’re ready to buy. So fresh, in fact, that it tastes just like a perfectly ripe cherry plucked from a tree in your backyard.

How many companies can say that everything is made to order, in fact, each bottle comes with an expiration date.

Disclaimer: CherryPharm sent me a 4 pack to try for the purpose of this review. All opinions are mine.


  1. I have a cherry tree in my backyard & every year we make a cherry pie when the fruit ripens. I had no idea it was so good for us.

  2. Anonymous7:51 PM

    I would love to try this juice. Watching yoi take 2 sips I must try. BTW Love the flowers.

    Lile you are so lucky to have a cherry tree.

  3. MMMMmmm..that does sound wonderful! My daughter and I are big cherry fans but biting into a pit really stinks; we just might give this juice a try!

  4. This sounds really delicious... I bet that it was really good with the seltzer.
    Thanks for the info, I may just try this.


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