Sunday, April 05, 2020

My Life In Pictures - March 24 - March 30

March 24 - My husband sent me this photo from his job. Stressed me out. I mean when you work in a hospital this is how you should look these days. Scary. I hope everyone is staying safe and I am thankful he has gear that hopefully will keep him safe.

March 25 - My daughter and I have been doing a lot of walking. Sometimes I need some help walking up those little hills.

March 26 - I have been giving my kids photo assignments every morning. They were to send me 5 photos of something blue today. My kids will wake to this Photo assignment. Take 5 interesting photos of blue things in the house. Show the entire object in all but one. One photo should have no negative space which means fill up the picture. Focus and make them interesting. Do not just shoot a pic. This is one of my son's submissions.

March 27 - I have been baking and cooking everyday. Since I don't want to waste anything I looked for recipes for the cabbage I had in the fridge. I found a recipe for Haluski a Polish dish. I didn't have the egg noodles but it was amazing and I cannot wait to make it again. 

March 28 - Still cooking! This time I decided to use some of the flour I have and make a giant chocolate chip cookie. OMG it was so good.

March 29 - I received Fruit Snacks from Welch's which are perfect for Easter Baskets or anytime. It even looks lovely with my Easter decorations. Look how cute the look in the giant Easter Egg! Hopefully everyone shopped for Easter early this year. Thankfully I did pick up a few things right after Valentine's Day or there would be empty baskets this year.

March 30 - Goddess looks so comfy in this bubble gum pink Comfy. Who doesn't need one of these once in a while. It has been chilly and damp. We are both wearing our Comfys lately.

March 31 -

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