Sunday, April 05, 2020

My Life In Pictures February 8 - February 19

February 8 - Luna looking into the night light in my daughter's room.  This is a review light from a few years ago and it has been used since getting it. It is on every night. Why has Luna suddenly decided to stare at it?

February 9 - My daughter and I fell in love with this kitty as we do with so many of the cats we see a the shelter we clean. Look at that face? How could you not love it?  This kitten of course was adopted that same day. Thankfully!

February 10 - I had to zoom in on the only photo I took on this date because I couldn't remember why I had taken it. See that Blue Jay?  It stayed in the tree for hours.

February 11 - Just me but better with a Snapchat filter!

February 12 - Nothing. I didn't take a single photo.

February 13 - An empty sketch book page. I need new pencils and more confidence to start!

February 14 - My daughter started teaching me art. We do the same thing but at our capability. Her sketches are so cute. Mine? Well...I am a work in progress.

February 15 - My girl and I got her hair cut then met some friends. We headed to an antique shop then found an oil and incense shop which was really nice. We spent too much money there LOL. We both got an incense burner and some cones for them.

February 16 - I tried to drew a dude. I was told he looks like Jesus from Walking Dead. He is hot so that's not bad.

February 17 - My cats love hanging out in windowsills or in the chairs under the table. How about yours? She is so cute!

February 18 - This is a photo of the sheet I use with my preschool class. We talk about emotions every day and what face we are wearing for the day. I do not remember where I originally got it from. It was on Google. It is so important for toddlers to learn about reading facial expressions and understanding their own feelings or how they make someone else feel. My kids love pointing to the faces every morning.

February 19 - My son ran into his gym teacher from Elementary and Middle School. He sent me this during my day. I was so happy to get his text. They both look so happy.

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