Sunday, April 05, 2020

My Life In Pictures March 17 - March 23

March 17 - Luna this was supposed to go under the sink to organize shampoos and soap but by all means make it your new bed!

March 18 - We were so happy to find flowers in our front yard during our walk today. Spring is here and even though we are stuck at home due to the Coronavirus.

March 19 - I wake every morning and after my husband leaves for work I smudge the house before my kids wake. My son and husband hate the smell of the burning sage while my daughter and I love it.


March 21 - It was a gorgeous night. Look at those colors. If I could pick a color for my life this would be it!

March 22 - My husband is creating a green house made from our old gazebo, bamboo, tree branches, wire and cinder blocks

March 23 - Goddess and I have been keeping ourselves busy with many games of Pool but we recently switched to Ping Pong! It has been very fun and we are getting much needed exercise.

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