Sunday, April 26, 2020

Amateur Movie Review - Hitman

Last weekend the Hub and I watched Hitman. I was heading off to sleep when he told me that he was going to rent Hitman which I knew was a game but not a movie.

Ummm...I was intrigued. I love to see how they make movies out of books, games or whatnot.

Not thinking I would be interested, I stood with my tea cup in hand, waiting for that moment when I would certainly walk away to the out reaches of the house to find a rerun, watch the Food Network or read a book.
It wasn't long before I was making my way over to the chair so I could place my cup on the windowsill, (we need some living room furniture).

As I watched, I just kept saying, where do I know this guy from? And this guy? And this guy? There were so many familiar faces.

It just so happens that I had just seen the lead guy in Catch and Release with Jennifer Garner.

Agent 47 (or a hairless Timothy Olyphant) is a gun for hire, genetically engineered assassin. He is hired by "The Organization" and pursued by both Interpol and the Russian military.

Timothy Olyphant is sexy, if you like the quiet, bald, bar code tattoo, deadly type. He is a hitman with a heart. Is this based at all on the game? He smiles, sarcastically jokes and saves mistreated women all while trying to save himself. Arrgghhhhh...

The other guy who looked so familiar is the equally sexy Dougray Scott who I saw recently in Desperate Housewives last season, or was that the season before last season? He played Susan's married (but wife is dying and has been in a long term coma) boyfriend.

The movie was just ok and the violence was scaled down. There was flying blood and brain but really the blood scenes were super quick.

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