Monday, March 16, 2020

The Art of Giving Mindful Gifts

It may seem like the art of giving thoughtful gifts has evaporated over the years, but that's all the more reason to bring it back. Holidays and celebrations are times for sharing and being grateful. However, the over-commercialization of life events can add to the pressure and make you feel like you're throwing away your money. Here are some tips for making your gifts thoughtful and meaningful.

Make It Personal 

Personalized gifts mean a lot to both the recipient and the giver. If you want to bestow a gift that really shows you care, there are many ways to give gifts that make an impression on your loved one's heart. You can create a personalized birthday book that she will cherish for years to come. Going through photos of the times you've spent together also revives your sense of connectedness and is sure to be a heart-warmer. If the recipient likes to collect experiences rather than belongings, consider planning an outing for the two of you to share. A gift that fits into her life is one of the best gifts to give. 

Consider Her Hobbies 

If you aren't sure how to personalize something, start by thinking about what your loved one is passionate about and how she spends her free time. If she's an outdoor enthusiast, you may consider getting her a membership to an organization that works to protect our natural resources and parks. If the receiver of your affection is into a specific food or beverage, simply taking her out to enjoy that is a wonderful option. Spending time with her is a wonderful and meaningful way to show you care. 

Write A Message 

Writing heartfelt messages has become an almost obscure idea. In the age of emojis and shortened texts, it can be hard to flex your writing muscles. Nonetheless, penning a mindful message to your friend makes the gift all the more special. Choose a card or special stationery and start brainstorming. You can use this small piece of paper to express your gratitude for having her in your life. You may need to write a few rough drafts if your penmanship or writing skills are rusty, but don't give up. A hand-written, sincere message is a great way to share with your loved one just how much she means to you. 
The art of giving mindful gifts may seem like it's fading. Use these gift-giving tips to bring it back.

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