Friday, March 06, 2020

Make Up Trends

Photo by Jake Peterson on Unsplash
With each season, it’s easy to update your clothes. You only have to purchase a few clothing items on display at the store to be on-trend because the buyer already knows what’s going to be in style before you do. Updating your makeup, however, takes a little more research. Here are some makeup trends for the year.


Color with a focus on exaggeration is the name of the game when it comes to eye makeup. The current trends as seen on the runway range from white eyeliner to “watercolor” painted eyes. If you’re interested in trying out some of the colored mascara that’s on-trend, start with the best professional eyelash extensions brand and go from there. Floating eyeliner, or liner that sits under your brow bone instead of your lashes, is popular this year, especially in neon or other noticeable colors. Fluorescent colors are also popping up in inside eye corners. If you want to really be eye-catching and trendy, try mismatched eye shadow on each eye. Blue eye shadow is showing up everywhere this year. Choose the shade that flatters your skin most, from pastel to sapphire.


Power is out and fresh dewy skin is in. Achieve this look with extra moisturizer and sheer coverage. Consider your skin a stained-glass window where it will be most in-style and luminous if it looks as if it’s lit from within.


Brows this season are structured and full. Fill in scraggly brows with powder or pencil. Set with a clear brow gel or even soap. The look should be natural but not out of control.


Classic red is back with a matte finish, or, if you prefer, light glossy, barely-there pink. Super dark plum bordering on black is also in fashion. Always in style is the very soft, no makeup look, as if you were born with deliciously pink lips.


Jewels across the eyelids made an appearance on the runway this year. Randomly placed stars or carefully applied sequins are both appropriate. In addition to under the brow bone, a bit of gold or silver sparkle across the lips would not be out of place for a night out.
Although there may not really be anything new under the sun, the combination of strong brows, colorful eyes, classic lips, and sparkly, luminescent skin is a definite trend for the coming season. Commit to the fads you are most comfortable with, or go for it, and try it all.

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