Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Practical Uses for Old Pianos

Maybe you’ve moved into a new home whose old owner didn’t want to pay to have a piano removed. Maybe you bought a baby grand a few years back and now it’s gathering dust. Or maybe you see a deal on new and pre-owned pianos troy mi that’s too good to pass up. Either way, you’ve got a large and expensive piano in your home. Here are some things you can do with it to put it to good use.
Make a Unique Entertainment Center
If you think about it, an upright piano is already the perfect shape to hold up a widescreen television or computer monitor! You can place its feet on the keyboard and remove the front panel to set it back into the inside, or just let it rest in front. It is a good idea to still secure it with screws, glue, or at least very strong tape.
Create a Fun Bookcase
If you open a grand piano’s lid and keep it propped up, with a few pieces of wood or plastic, you can easily configure it to hold books of all kinds of shapes and sizes. Whether it’s functional or just a conversation piece, it will make an impression on your guests!
Learn to Play!
If you’ve ever thought about playing the piano, and you find yourself owning one, why not try to make it a reality? In this age of video tutorials, you can learn basic techniques online, and self-guided piano methods can help you read music and practice pieces. Most towns also have lots of piano teachers for hire, and many of them would prefer teaching an adult than a child for a change. It’s a fun and impressive skill, and even learning basics will still take you a long way.
Dust that piano off and put it to good use with one of these tips!

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