Monday, March 30, 2020

Church Rocked


Church Rocked

Well it didn’t actually “rock” it was more like a sway.
Yesterday, I wrote about taking my kids to Church this morning. We got up a bit later than expected. The clocks being turned back totally screwed me up this morning.
I wanted to take them to the mass which would also get them into Sunday school class. Since I haven’t been there in FOREVER I wasn’t sure on the time. I did try to call but their answering machine doesn’t mention service times. I should really mention that to them.
Unfortunately we got there about 9:30 and mass with Sunday school was at 9:00 a.m. but there was another starting at 10:30 a.m. We drove around and got back at 10:18 a.m.
I had to drive around the block 2 times to find a parking spot and finally found one.
We walked hand-in-hand into the Church. It was overrun with folks who were eating a snack from the last mass. Lovely, we were thirsty so we shared a glass of apple juice.
Trying to get my kids through a crowd of Church people was a little ridiculous. My daughter was plowed into way too many times for me, I should have carried her but didn’t want to let me son’s hand go either. Amazing how no one apologized, they just got out of Church you would think people would be particularly pleasant. They were pleasant just not to the tiny 2.5 year old who couldn’t be seen through the crowd. Thankfully I was holding her hand or she would have hit the floor at least 2 times.
I talked to Pastor briefly and headed into a pew that would be easy for us to get out without disturbing anyone if we had to. I didn’t expect a miracle but I also didn’t bring any fidgets for them to occupy themselves with. I prayed for the best and reminded them that we were in Church, God’s house and we had to be on our best behavior.
Pastor walked in and the organ started. My son sat and looked around while holding a Hymn book, my daughter enjoyed the sound of her dress shoes on the floor and tapped a few times but all in all we made it through about 45% of the mass. We probably would have gotten through the whole thing by Goddess said, “I have to go potty.”
Picking up their coats I headed out with them in tow, we got out the door next to our pew which is exactly why I sat there and walked into the bathroom.
My daughter decided that she didn’t need to go but my son did go. I told them I was so proud of them and that they had been so good in church.
As we were washing our hands, my son said, “you did a good job singing mom.” I thanked him and we headed to the car with my son asking if he could play XBox.
So, this concludes our first church outing. Some juice, a song or 3, 2 readings a potty break and XBox. What are Sundays for really?
Here he is in his new Booster seat for the car. We got it on Friday afternoon but it has become his Gamer chair. Not sure what he is looking at here but he is totally concentrating.

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